BTS at the Grammys

ARMYs Are Wondering If BTS Will Attend The Grammys Live Because Of These New Details

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BTS' debut Grammys performance on Sunday, March 14, will be epic, as they'll officially become the first Korean act to have a solo stage in Grammys history. According to the show's 2021 host Trevor Noah, the ceremony will take place in person with a few health and safety measures put in place to ensure everyone is socially distancing. This got fans asking, will BTS be at the 2021 Grammys in L.A. or will they perform virtually?

Throughout the course of the pandemic, BTS has given a number of virtual performances from Korea, so it's possibly they'll do the same with the Grammys. However, judging by Noah's comments, the performances seem like they'll only take place live in L.A. He said the plan is for artists to perform from multiple stages outdoors. That way, everyone can keep a safe distance apart.

"It's almost taking on the feel of a music festival but designed for an audience at home, which is really cool," Noah said, adding it's unclear whether there will an actual audience. "I know until the day [of the show] they're going to be making decisions about who is where and how. The number one thing is safety. I don't think you're going to be seeing an audience in that way, but you may be seeing the artists gathered or the artists getting ready or a few people who are there with them."

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This got ARMYs wondering about the details of BTS' appearance.

Everyone from Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish, to Harry Styles and Doja Cat will be performing. BTS' appearance is getting especially huge buzz not only because it's their debut solo performance at the Grammys (and the first for Korean groups overall), but they're nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group. Since it will be a huge night for them, it's possible they'll make the trip to the U.S. to experience the ceremony in person, but fans shouldn't get their hopes up just yet.

During a March 8 interview with Variety, Grammy Awards executive producer Ben Winston revealed "some performances will be pre-recorded." He didn't elaborate, which means BTS could be one of the pre-recorded performances, especially because a day before the Grammys, BTS is performing virtually for Music On A Mission.

ARMYs might have to wait until the day of the Grammys to get their answer, but either way, BTS' performance is going to be epic!