Fans think BTS will announce their 2020 comeback on New Year's.

Here's Why ARMYs Think BTS Will Announce Their Comeback On New Year's

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The BTS ARMY has been waiting very patiently for BTS' next album, but with eight months gone by since the boys dropped Map of the Soul: Persona, you can't blame fans for getting a bit restless. At this point, even just an album announcement would be enough to hold fans down, even if the album didn't come for another few months. Well, rumors and theories are abound, and ARMYs are theorizing BTS will announce their 2020 comeback on New Year's. And, if that happens, fans think BTS' album will arrive soon after.

As BTS' previous releases show, the group often announces their comeback out of nowhere, sending them into a frenzy on social media. Instead of dropping singles to lead up to the album's release like other artists usually do, BTS drops their new album, single, and music video simultaneously. With this in mind, you can imagine how anxious the BTS ARMY is feeling knowing a BTS album is coming soon, but having no clue when exactly.

That brings us to BTS' New Year's plans. On Dec. 17, Dick Clark Productions announced BTS will perform live in Times Square as part of its annual New Year's Rockin' Eve celebration. The BTS ARMY was definitely surprised to see BTS' name on the lineup, since the group usually performs at the annual MBC Gayo Daejun festival in South Korea on New Year's.

The group did perform at New Year's Rockin' Eve in 2017, but it was pre-recorded, so, because BTS will be performing live in front of millions of viewers, fans think it's a perfect time for the group to announce their 2020 comeback.

To back up their theory, fans have been sharing a press release from Dick Clark Production's website stating there will be "a surprise announcement" on the show. Naturally, ARMYs think it could be a BTS album announcement.

Other fans weren't so quick to jump to conclusions, since the "surprise announcement" could be anything.

According to the press release, "YouTube [will] take a look back at the decade's biggest trends throughout the show plus a surprise announcement." The statement is pretty vague, so it could just be an announcement from YouTube and nothing about BTS at all.

Still, New Year's Rockin' Eve would be a great platform for the septet to make their album announcement, especially since fans think it's coming in February.

Jin, Jimin, and J-Hope have been teasing their next project a lot lately. "We're now preparing for our next album, and I think we'll be able to appear in front of you with a much greater album than what you'll be expecting. Thank you," Jimin said during BTS' Album of the Year acceptance speech at the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards in November.

Whether BTS makes their album announcement on New Year's or not, the ARMY will be tuned in to catch whatever epicness BTS has in store.