BTS hit the red carpet at the MAMA Awards.

Jimin & Jin Hinted BTS' New Album Will Be Their Best Yet At The MAMAs

Jun Sato/WireImage/Getty Images

The BTS ARMY got a double dose of good news on Dec. 4 when the band swept all the awards they were nominated for at the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards, and used their acceptance speeches to tease their new music. Yep, new deets on the boys' next record are here, and BTS' Jimin and Jin's quotes about their 2020 album will have you so excited for what's to come.

Appropriately enough, Jimmy Fallon did the honors of presenting BTS their award for Album of the Year, which only made it all the more special for ARMYs. ARMYs will never forget when BTS has appeared on Fallon's show and became instant friends with the talk show host.

BTS was overjoyed with the accolade, and were sure to thank their fans. According to a translation by the fan account @doyou_bangtan, Jimin was overjoyed over the shoutout from Fallon.

"First, to Jimmy Fallon, who made a special appearance, thank you so much," Jimin started, before sharing some details about their highly-anticipated followup to Map of the Soul: Persona. "We're now preparing for our next album, and I think we'll be able to appear in front of you with a much greater album than what you'll be expecting. Thank you!"

Then, when they took the stage to accept the Song of the Year award, Jin chimed in with a mic drop-worthy speech. While issuing a subtle scolding to labels who use dishonest methods to get their artists' music recognized, he confirmed their music will not only be good, but honest, saying,

We work really hard at making music. Our next album will have good music too. Many people — including the artists who are here today — many people are making good songs. I hope for a world in which all those songs are recognized and listened to. Dishonest methods are okay too, but what about making music with more honest methods? I hope for a time when everyone’s making good music and listening to good music.

You can watch their speeches below.

This isn't the first time BTS has teased their forthcoming album. Fans think they've already got an idea of what the record will be called thanks to a few hints.

ARMYS are convinced BTS' next record will be part of a trilogy after they spotted the words "Persona," "Shadow," and "Ego" written on a chalkboard in RM's "Persona" comeback trailer released in March 2019. While they've been debating on Twitter which will come next in the rumored trilogy, BTS has remained mum on specifics.

Regardless of when we hear the new album and what it's titled, the guys have been hard at work in the studio to deliver authentic music, and, ARMYs couldn't ask for more.