This Week's 'Riverdale' Has Fans Convinced Archie Is Going To Dump Josie For Veronica

by Dylan Kickham

At this point, keeping track of who is dating whom on Riverdale is almost as confusing as figuring out who the Gargoyle King could be. Season 3 in particular has been filled with so many hook-ups, break-ups, make-ups, and weird underground cult weddings that it can be easy to forget which couples are on and which are off. Sadly, one of the show's core couples broke up early on in the season, but Wednesday night's new episode has fans wondering will Archie and Veronica get back together before the season ends. Archie may be dating Josie now, but his chemistry with Veronica is undeniable.

Spoiler alert: This post contains plot details from Riverdale Season 3 Episode 18, "Jawbreaker." Archie and Veronica started off Season 3 with what appeared to be one of the strongest relationships on the show, but they soon ran into the age-old dating dilemma: How can you keep the romance alive when your girlfriend's dad is obsessed with trying to murder you? We've all been there! After Veronica helped break Archie out of jail, Archie went on the run and broke up with Veronica over the phone as he left Riverdale, admitting that he does not think Hiram will stop hunting him down until he is dead.

But things can change in an instant on Riverdale. Archie eventually did return to town to face Hiram, only to discover that Veronica had moved on and begun dating Reggie. While Veronica and Reggie were hooking up between their schemes to make their underground speakeasy some more money, Archie found a new calling in boxing and a new girlfriend in Josie. For the past several episodes, Archie and Josie have been going strong, but it looks like that will be changing very soon.

In Riverdale's latest episode, Archie asks Veronica to pull some strings to get him an invitation to fight in a boxing tournament. It may have begun as just a business deal, but when Veronica gifted Archie a new boxing robe and shorts, the two exes shared a moment and nearly kissed.

Fred Andrews picked up on the chemistry as well, walking into the room to mock Archie for saying that he and Veronica are "just friends." The show emphasized the love triangle even more by having Josie sit right next to Veronica to watch Archie's big fight.


Now, the stage seems to be perfectly set for Archie to break up with Josie and begin dating Veronica again. Veronica is totally single after breaking up with Reggie a few episodes ago, and we already know that Josie is probably on her way out of Riverdale after this season since Ashleigh Murray just got a lead role on its new spinoff show Katy Keene.

The only question left is how this breakup is going to go. Will Archie tell Josie the truth about his feelings for Veronica and end things respectfully, or will we see Archie cheating on Josie after getting caught up in a fit of passion with Veronica? There's only four more episodes left in Season 3, so we will find out what happens very soon.