The 'Riverdale' Break-Up Fans Have Been Hoping For Just Happened, But It Was Surprisingly Sad

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Veronica's mob boss dad Hiram Lodge has been a constant problem for everyone on Riverdale since he first arrived in the Season 2 premiere, and one of the most frustrating things is that Hermione Lodge constantly stays at his side. The show has gone back and forth with Hermione — sometimes it seems like she may be the real mob boss in the relationship, and other times she has expressed her disapproval for Hiram's criminal ways — but the Lodges may have finally ended things. So, are Hiram and Hermione really separated on Riverdale, or is this just another one of their schemes?

Spoiler alert: This post contains plot details from Riverdale Season 3 Episode 16, "Big Fun." Just like last season, Riverdale's musical episode was just as packed with shocking revelations as it was with singing and dancing. We saw Jughead make a big move against his mom by burning down his old trailer, which she had turned into a drug lab. Betty found out The Farm has been adding more new members than she knew, and actually got to see the infamous cult leader Edgar Evernever after the grand finale of Heathers: The Musical. But surprisingly, one of the big twists came at the very beginning of the episode rather than at the end. Hiram Lodge rather abruptly tells Veronica that he and Hermione are now separated.

Hermione tells Veronica that the separation happened because Hiram found out about her selling his drug business while he was in the hospital, but Hiram later tells Veronica that the real reason he wants the separation is because he found out that Hermione was behind the plot to kill him. I mean... that is a pretty solid reason to get a divorce.


Riverdale fans have actually been eager for Hiram and Hermione Lodge to break up for a long time now, but although pretty much everyone agrees that Hermione needs to get away from Hiram, the breakup was actually surprisingly sad. The news deeply affected Veronica, who broke down in tears and even got back together with Reggie to distract herself. Veronica's heartbreak culminated in her solo performance of "Lifeboat" from Heathers: The Musical, which was definitely the saddest moment of the whole episode.

The separation also has serious ramifications for how the Lodges will move forward. Hermione took her position as Mayor of Riverdale really just to help sweep Hiram's crimes under the rug or to help them along. Now that he's out of her life, she may take a new look at her political position and make some changes. And a solo Hiram could also mean big things — no longer tempered by his family, Hiram is free to unleash more dangerous schemes than ever before.

But as every Riverdale fan knows, you cannot believe everything that seems to be happening, and you especially cannot trust the Lodges. So, is this separation real or just another one of Hiram's devious schemes? The episode does not give any indication that this could be a lie, so we will just have to see what happens in the coming weeks.

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