Meet 'Riverdale's Heathers In 2 First-Look Clips Of This Week's Musical Episode


Grab your croquet mallets, because Riverdale is transforming into Westerburg High School this week. Wednesday night's new episode is the season's highly anticipated musical episode, with the show's characters putting on a production of Heathers: The Musical. But as a pair of newly released clips from the new episode show, the production does not get off to a smooth start. Two first-look Riverdale clips from the Heathers musical episode have recently been released to give fans a peek at what the new episode has in store.

Back in January, Riverdale showunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa announced that Heathers: The Musical would be the production that the show puts on for its musical episode this season, and he also revealed all the parts. Josie and Sweet Pea — who recently had a summer fling that ended as abruptly as it had started — will be forced to turn up the heat again as the lead love interests, Veronica and J.D. Another awkward match-up is Archie and Reggie as the bullying jocks Kurt and Ram. Although their characters may be besties, Archie and Reggie are probably not the biggest fans of one another right now after both having relationship drama with Veronica.

But of course, the real stars of the show are the Heathers themselves, who will be played by Cheryl, Betty, and Veronica. The first of the new Riverdale clips introduces the Heathers, as Cheryl, Betty, and Veronica coo their names in their preppy, signature-colored outfits. As they sing, Kevin (the musical's director) explains that Cheryl gave herself the part of Heather Chandler to try to channel her emotions after her recent breakup with Toni. Check out the clip below:

But the drama really shifts into high gear in the second first-look clip. As the cast gets ready for its first rehearsal, tensions are apparent between both Josie and Sweet Pea and Reggie and Archie. To make matters worse, Kevin announces that he has asked Evelyn Evernever to be the co-director alongside him, since he is now fully submerged in her cult, The Farm. In case all that wasn't enough, Kevin also announces that Toni will choreograph the musical, causing Cheryl to absolutely lose it. Check out the clip below:

There are even more goodies for Riverdale fans to look forward to in the musical episode as well. One of the big chances from last season's musical is that Jughead will finally be part of the show. In Season 2's Carrie: The Musical episode, Jughead was the only member of the main cast to not have a part. But Cole Sprouse will be singing this time around.

The episode also promises to be a major one for The Farm mystery. The strange cult has been growing in Riverdale all season, and the promo teaser for this week's episode shows Betty worrying that The Farm is using Heathers: The Musical to indoctrinate new members. It also seems to show Fangs joining the cult.

So buckle up for some massive drama and unexpected twists. Riverdale's musical episode, "Big Fun," will air on the CW on Wednesday, March 20 at 8 p.m. ET.