Will Alysse Be On 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation'? Vinny's New Girlfriend Is Entering His World


The Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny season finale finally answered the big question of who the two guidos would end up with, but there are still some lingering questions about what happens next. One of the biggest questions is whether the relationships have lasted since the show ended, and if so, then if we will see Vinny's new girlfriend pop up on the Jersey Shore revival series. So, will Alysse be on Jersey Shore Family Vacation? Let's break down the chances of the Double Shot at Love winner returning for a much different reality TV experience.

In Thursday night's season finale of Double Shot at Love, a surprise twist resulted in only one winner rather than the expected two. Pauly D shockingly opted to choose neither of his final two contestants, sending Derynn home first and then blindsiding the frontrunner for his heart all season long, Nikki, by also cutting her, telling her that her affection for him seemed too intense for such a short period of time. The non-decision certainly ended the show on an awkward and kind of disheartening note, but at least we did get to see one love story play out. On Vinny's side of the dating competition, he actually managed to make a final decision, choosing Alysse to be his final match over Elle.

Vinny's ultimate choice did not come as a huge surprise to viewers of the show, since his bond with Alysse had consistently been one of the strongest in the house and Elle had only recently decided to pursue Vinny over Pauly very late in the game. In fact, Alysse's biggest competition had actually been cut the week earlier, when Vinny shockingly let Maria go instead of Elle. Many fans thought Maria was a lock to win Vinny's heart, so with her now gone, Alysse felt like a shoe-in to win in the finale.

But of course, Double Shot at Love is not Vinny's only reality show, and dating him also means being a part of the Jersey Shore family. So, will we be seeing Alysse on future episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation? She has already meet Snooki, JWoww, Ronnie, and Angelina thanks to their appearances on Double Shot at Love, after all.

It is hard to give a definitive answer to that question, but most of the signs seem to be pointing to no. Alysse's most notable personality trait throughout Double Shot at Love was her shyness, as Vinny would often push her to open up more. In the finale episode, Vinny even stated that he could not really see Alysse partying it up with the rest of the Jersey Shore crew, and Alysse herself has tweeted that all the cameras and strangers of the reality show is what contributed to her shyness.

That makes is seem like Alysse probably would not want to jump into another reality show, but then again, she did say yes to coming on Double Shot at Love, and at least Jersey Shore does not have the high-pressure competition element to it.

The second half of Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2 is premiering on July 11, and that may be too soon for an appearance from Alysse, but there is still a chance fans might just see her pop up later on in the new season.