Here's Everything 'Double Shot At Love' Fans Should Know About Elle


DJ Pauly D and Vinny are about to decide on which women won their hearts in the finale episode of Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny, and the last decision is definitely not a clear one. Probably the biggest wildcard throughout the entire show has been Elle. While most of the house definitively chose whether they would pursue Vinny or Pauly D, Elle formed connections with both Jersey Shore stars. So, does Elle win A Double Shot at Love? Now that she has made up her mind on which guy she wants, it looks like she definitely has a much bigger shot at winning that anyone expected earlier.

Elle stood out from day one as one of the few contestants that both Pauly D and Vinny felt an immediate attraction towards. The problem was that Elle was also attracted to both of them as well, which caused some friction as the show continued and the rest of the contestants decided which of the two guidos they vibed with better. Elle continued to date and grow closer to both men until the penultimate episode, when her final dates with both Vinny and Pauly D clarified her decision.

Vinny proved his attentiveness by taking her on a date where the two drew portraits of one another, and the chemistry between the two was clear. And although Pauly D's Middle Eastern-inspired dinner date was beautiful, the conversation just was not sparking in the same way that it had with Vinny, so Elle told Pauly that she would be focusing her efforts on Vinny for the final stretch of the show.

Heading into the final cab ceremony before the season finale, Elle's place seemed very unsure. It was clear that Pauly D was going to save both Nikki and Derryn for his final two girls, which meant that one of Vinny's three remaining girls — Maria, Alysse, or Elle — would get cut. Since Maria and Alysse have been all about Vinny from the beginning and Elle had only just recently decided to pursue Vinny over Pauly D, she seemed like she may be the person cut. But in the most shocking move of the series yet, Vinny instead chose to cut Maria, whom many fans believed to be the best match for Vinny and the frontrunner to winning his heart in the end.

Although Elle did not seem like a top contender before, Vinny definitely showed his interest in her by cutting Maria in the penultimate episode. Maria was the first person in the house that Vinny had a clear, instant connection with, and the two seemed to grow closer than any other pair in the house throughout the series. But Vinny said that he began to feel that they clicked too well as friends that it prevented things from ever getting romantic. But cutting her to keep Elle, Vinny threw a huge curveball in what fans expected, and now Elle actually has a fair shot at winning Vinny's heart in the finale. She just has to beat out Alysse for it.

The Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny finale airs Thursday, June 27 at 8 p.m. ET.