Fans Are Convinced Beyoncé & Adele Are Planning A Collab For This Reason

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Ever since Adele gave an impassioned acceptance speech saying Beyoncé deserved the Album of the Year award for Lemonade over her album 25 at the 2017 Grammys, stans have begged for a collab between the two powerhouses. Now, fans are speculating Adele's next album will come in 2021, and they have high hopes for their wishlist of potential collaborators. Will Adele and Beyoncé collaborate on a song together for Adele's next album? The answer isn't clear, but stans think a song is already in the works and on its way.

On Jan. 5, Adele's fans swarmed Twitter with conspiracy theories about an upcoming follow-up to her 2015 record 25. Although reports have circulated for years concerning the next album in the U.K. singer's discography, a lead single or album announcement has yet to materialize. She did host Saturday Night Live in 2020, and made waves alongside musical guest H.E.R. on the show's Oct. 24 episode. Still, fans were disappointed when the icon did not reveal any plans for a new musical era.

One Twitter user planted the seed of a rumor amidst the trending Adele-stan chaos, but soon, it grew into a full-fledged dream collab: "Allegedly, Adele album is set to release in February ... Adele ft. Beyoncé may be the lead single?"

The mere mention of the two superstars' names alongside one another is the stuff of music lovers' wildest dreams, which is why Adele started trending worldwide. But, as far as fan theories go, this one's really not all that hard to imagine coming true. Adele is a confirmed member of the BeyHive, and the two shared one of the most tear-jerking moments in Grammys history when Adele straight-up snapped her Album of the Year award in half to show how much she believed Beyoncé deserved the win.

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Prior to the Jan. 5 wave of theories about a potential collaboration between Adele and Beyoncé, rumors swirled in September 2019 about a similar collab between the two artists. While fans were convinced it was real at the time because of a supposed leak from OneRepublic frontman, Ryan Tedder, he later clarified that the entire fiasco was a joke, but with two beloved A-list names like Adele and Beyoncé in the mix, the rumors still permeated across social media.

No fans cited an exact source as to why the most recent hype over a currently-nonexistent song has taken over Twitter, but there is no shortage of believers nonetheless. One theory claims the 2021 Grammys were postponed from the original Jan. 31 airdate so Adele and Beyoncé could finish up the collab.

Still, there doesn't seem to be any concrete proof to back this up. Scroll through the tweets below to get yourself excited or, perhaps in the end, disappointed.