Dylan Minnette talked about the possibility of a '13 Reasons Why' spinoff.

OMG, Dylan Minnette Addressed The Possibility Of A '13 Reasons Why' Spinoff


13 Reasons Why may have ended, but there *could* still be a chance for fans to return to the teen drama's world. The Netflix show's fourth and final season ended with most of its main characters graduating from high school and going their separate ways, so naturally, fans are curious if a new series could follow one of the stars to college, or possibly explore a new group of Liberty High kids who find themselves in a sticky situation. So, will a 13 Reasons Why spinoff happen? Dylan Minnette talked about the possibility in a recent interview.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Season 4 finale of 13 Reasons Why. Clay's mental health was the primary focus of the show's final season, which made sense given how much trauma he has been through. During his final months of high school, Clay buckled under all of the guilt and secrets, and acted out recklessly in dissociative states. Thankfully, he was able get help and graduated with the rest of his classmates... well, all but one of them. The saddest moment of the season came when Justin died of AIDS in the series finale.

Justin's death and the Liberty High graduation seemed to be clear ending points for the series, but fans still want to know if a follow-up series could be in the cards. Minnette admitted he has no clue if a spinoff will happen, or what it could be about in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. "I couldn't even begin to imagine what it would be. I have no idea," he said. He also could not confirm or deny if he would reprise his role as Clay in the future: "Will Clay Jensen be around? Who knows? I don't know."

While Minnette's comments make it sounds like there are currently no plans for a spinoff, they also don't discount the possibility. Plus, there are still some important students at Liberty High who didn't graduate in the finale. Charlie and Estela are both still in high school, so a potential spinoff could put them front and center for a new story. And since Charlie is dating Alex and Estela is dating Tyler at the series' end, there are plenty of potential cameos options from the main cast.

As of right now, though, a 13 Reasons Why spinoff is still just a bit of wishful thinking among the fandom. You never know what could happen, though, especially with this show.