Here's Why Your Sister Should Meet Your Partner Before Anyone Else In The Family

Introducing your SO to your family for the first time can be one of the most stressful things ever. You thought final exams were difficult — but just imagine bringing the people you love most in this world together and hoping they get along. It can either go oh-so-right, or oh-so-terribly-wrong. If your family doesn't care for your partner, that could really hurt either of your relationships. There's a lot riding on this intro, so you definitely need to ease yourself, and your bae, into it. That's why your sister should meet your partner before anyone else in the family.

If you're closest with your sister in your family, she's basically your BFF. You know that gauging her reaction to meeting your bae will tell you so much on what to expect when introducing him or her to everyone else. It's similar to getting into a cold pool. You stick your toe in first (aka, intro with your sis) before jumping into the deep end (aka, meeting your entire family). No one's got time for a Meet The Parents situation, so breath a sigh of relief knowing that you are #blessed to have a sister who's going to help you out.

These six reasons will definitely make you want to introduce your partner to your sister first. After that sister intro, it will be a total piece of cake.

Your Sister Can Put In A Good Word With Your Parents

Having your sis put in a good with your parents before they even meet your SO will score him or her major brownie points. When your partner does end up meeting your parents, things will get started on a positive note. If the meeting doesn't go as well as you'd hoped, your parents may give your partner a second chance, because both of their daughters gave glowing reviews.

She Will Be Brutally Honest About That First Impression

You and your sister have always been super honest with each other, even if the truth stings a bit. That brutal honesty will come in handy when you want feedback on your partner. Your sis will tell you exactly what she thought of the intro and give you some solid notes for when you're introducing them to the rest of the family.

The First Meeting With Your Sis Can Be So Much Chiller

Meeting your whole family might be more on the formal side, but meeting your sister can be super chill. You, your bae, and your sister can hit up your favorite bar or local coffee shop. You'll all feel so much more in your element in a relaxed kind of setting. It'll help your partner truly shine and be themselves — aka, the person you fell in love with.

Your Sister Knows You Better Than Anyone Else

We love them so much, but sometimes our parents don't really know what's up. I can't tell you how many times my mom has bought birthday gifts that aren't my taste at all. My sis is the one person who knows exactly what I love. That's why your sister is the best person to get to know your partner first. If you're really close to her, odds are, she knows you better than anyone else on this planet. She will know right away if this relationship will work out or not.

She Can Give Your Bae Any Pointers You Forgot

Your sis will be so kind to drop any pointers you totally forgot about. For instance, you may have been too stressed to remember that your mom really loves a certain kind of flower or bottle of wine that bae can bring as a gift.

It's Great Practice For The Big Intro

Having your partner meet your sister first is like a good practice round for what's to come. Hey, it's even like interviewing for jobs. They are always so stressful, but the more times you do it, it gets a little bit easier. Your bae will get to work out their skills, so when the time comes, they are more relaxed and ready to crush it.