Why Your Older Sister's Opinion Really Matters, Even When You Don't Want To Hear It

If you're the little sister, you probably grew up watching your older sis tackle and conquer life's obstacles first. You thought she was so cool, and you wanted to follow in her footsteps. At times, you honestly could have been mistaken for her shadow. You would never admit it to her face, but you totally looked up to her in so many aspects of life — from her trendy fashion sense, to her awesome taste in movies. Now that you're older, you're embracing your own unique identity. You may not want to hear the advice she has to offer, but there are reasons why your older sister's opinion really matters — no matter what age you are.

You know your sister will be brutally honest with you, even when you just don't want to hear the honesty at all. But, it's the unfiltered advice she provides once you've blossomed into adulthood that truly matters the most. You may huff and puff, and think your older sister is babying you, but these six reasons back up why you should always cherish her opinion. Secretly, you know you're beyond blessed to have a great sister in your life to share her truths.

She Has No Filter

No, I'm not talking about Snapchat filters. I'm talking about that filter you have where you want to say something, but you hesitate out of fear of potentially hurting someone's feelings. Your sister has no filter — and when it comes to advice, you want the raw truth.

Your friends might filter their opinions and just offer up the advice they think you want to hear. Your sister only tells you what you need to hear. She's trying to help, and you'll soon appreciate how special that is.

You Speak A Secret Language

There's a secret sister language that only you two have. It's probably why you're a killer charades team when paired together. Just saying one word can mean an entire story to your sister. While your friends are trying to find the right words to say, your sister will give you a version that you understand immediately.

She Has Stories You Understand

You and your sis share a long history together, which means you have many of the same stories. The examples she gives when trying to explain something are so easy for you to understand, because of that very reason. When you're overreacting in a situation, your sister can tell you that you're acting like your aunt did on Christmas three years ago. Immediately, you'll know what's up, and that your attitude needs fixing ASAP.

You Know It's Coming From A Place Of Love

There are no ulterior motives when it comes to your sister. She only tells you something because she loves you endlessly. Every opinion she shares comes straight from the heart, and you can't get more real than that. Your sister's opinions are truly priceless.

She Wants You To Be The Best Version Of Yourself

It might be difficult to see it at times, but you know your sister only wants the best for you. You may have a little sibling competition going on, but it's all in good spirit. When your sister gives you unsolicited advice, she's only doing it to see you succeed and slay this thing we call life.

She May Be Witnessing You Doing Something She Regretted Doing

Your sis can help you to not make the same mistakes she made. Those are the luxuries of being the little sister — you get a big warning sign when you're heading into the danger zone.

This could be your sister warning you about a boyfriend who's exhibiting signs of one of her ex-boyfriends. It could also be as simple as reminding you to pack a pair of comfy shoes for your New York City trip, even though you only want to wear heels that make you feel like you're in an episode of Sex and the City. You and your feet will be thanking your sis later.