Why Your Home Friends Teach You The Most About Yourself In Your 20s

Your home crew is likely one of the best highlights of your childhood. You can't imagine your home life without them, and even if you're currently on opposite sides of the country, your childhood town will always tie you together. A lot has changed since the days of football games and pep rallies in high school, though. Nowadays, you're adulting in the real world, which can be intimidating. Thankfully, your home friends teach you the most about yourself during your 20s.

Your home friends are genuine gems, and they've been there through thick and thin. I'm talking puberty, submitting college apps, and the works. There's seriously nothing you face that they can't help you out with, because you're all naturally there for each other (and always will be).

In your 20s, shaping your identity isn't so simple. You're figuring out your interests, finding your career path, traveling, and aiming to live your best life. Every day you're trying to decide what being "you" actually means. Yeah, it can get pretty complex and insightful, but you have your day ones to get you through it all. You don't have to learn who you are alone, because these seven reasons are reassurance that your home friends are the best teachers.

They've Rubbed Off On You In The Best Kind Of Way

The loyalty your home friends provide is unmatched. They have set the bar really high for the qualities you look for in a friend and work wife. Whenever you're together, you're all giving off such good vibes, because you know exactly how a true friend should be treated.

They Pass Little To No Judgments

When you're completely open and honest with your friends, you are being your truest self. You don't have to worry about holding back, or fearing they'll judge you for your decisions. They loved you since day one, and nothing's about to change that.

They're All For Your Self-Growth

If there's anything you learn from your home friends when you get older, it's that it's OK to grow, try different things, and spread your wings. If you don't see your home friends for a whole year, once you do see each other, it's like nothing has changed. You need that freedom to grow in your 20s, along with the reassurance that you have people supporting you.

They'll Always Represent Home And What It Means To You

Home really is where your heart is, and when you're trying to learn about yourself, it's no secret that you should keep that in mind. Even if you don't solely talk about home life with your BFFs from your hometown, they'll always represent that lovely place. You need that reminder of where you're from to keep you focused on where you want to go and who you want to be.

They Can Skip Down Memory Lane With You

As much as living in the present is a must, sometimes you need that sweet nostalgic escape. Besides, rehashing the past with your besties at home could really shed some light on how far you've come and how much has changed since you rode your scooters around the neighborhood. If that's not a perfect setup for you to learn more about yourself, I don't know what is.

You Can Always Count On Their Honesty

The truth can be hard to come by in your 20s. You quickly learn that not everyone is meant to be your friend, and you should keep the real ones close. Lucky for you, your home friends always keep it real. It's a quality you appreciate tremendously. Their honesty teaches you a thing or two about what you value in any kind of relationship.

They Can See Through The BS

You may be able to fool people who don't know you as well, but your home friends will always catch on if something's not right. This may be when you're feeling blue about your job and are trying to play it off, or when the person you're dating is a player. In other words, your friends can see past the layers and will get to the bottom of any situation.

Your home friends will never be a thing of the past. You might not see them as often as you used to back in high school, but they're a big part of the person you become.