Why Your Cousin Is The Best Person In Your Life, Since Day One

Your cousin has been your best friend growing up, and since then, nothing has changed. Whether you were causing mischief on the annual family beach vacation, building forts in your living room, or prank phone calling your crushes, your cousin has truly been your ride or die. Every memory shared with her points to why your cousin is the best person in your life, and you really don't know what you'd do without her.

Sure, your cousin sort of had first dibs on your friendship, but you wouldn't have it any other way. Even if she wasn't your family, you two would still connect, and that says a little something about how up to par their friend skills are. If you ever need honest advice or someone to listen without waiting for their chance to speak, your cousin is the answer.

Keeping your cousins slash BFF close as you get older is so important and beneficial. She is that little reminder of who you are, even when you feel like you've lost sight of yourself. Let's be real — your 20s is going to be a roller coaster of ups and downs. With your cousin by your side, the world seems a lot more conquerable. This gem contributes to helping you live your best life in more than a few ways.

She Actually Understands You

Your cousin has known you from the beginning, so she's aware of all of your little quirks and dislikes. When she says she understands, you can totally believe her. There's nothing like having someone who gets you on another level, because there's going to be a long list of people who don't. Yes, hug your cousin, like, RN.

She'll Go Above And Beyond For You

There's no limit to the things your cousin will do for you. Remember how much trouble you guys would get into as kids? Yeah, you got scolded, but your cousin was shoulder-to-shoulder with you taking the heat. These days, you call your cousin for anything, and she's at your doorstep with wine and open ears.

She Makes You Cherish Family Even More

You'll always love your folks, but you can't deny that having your cousin as family makes your gene pool so much more interesting. Your cousin is a friend, but when you really sit back and realize she's also part of your fam bam, you learn to love the idea of family even more.

She Has Your Back, No Matter What

Your friends who aren't family have your back, but not like your cousin. There's a special kind of loyalty your cousin promised you since the beginning. You'd defend and protect her just as much as she would you. In other words, you guys are a force to be reckoned with.

Through All Of Your Changes, She's Right By Your Side

You know how you tend to outgrow some people, because your perspective and interests change? That will never happen with your cousin. She's along for the ride of your self growth, and is supporting you the entire time. She loved you when you were kids, and fully appreciates the spectacular person you are today.

She Attends Family Events With You Like A Boss

Don't get me wrong, your family events aren't boring or anything, but they're so much more enjoyable with your cousin. Even as kids, just seeing her face at your family reunions made the entire room light up. She is seriously your person, and enjoys all of the perks and personalities of your family with you.

She Keeps It Real

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to your cousin. Again, it might have something to do with that family factor, but you highly respect her opinion about everything. She takes that "keeping it 100" thing to a whole new level. She only wants the best for you, so telling the truth is one of her most admirable qualities.

When your cousin is your BFF, there's no such thing as living your best life without her by your side. She is simply irreplaceable.