Why Your Cool Aunt Is The Best Friend & Role Model You Could Ask For

Your aunt's not a regular aunt — she's a cool aunt. You know she's one-of-a-kind, because "cool" isn't a title you just bestow upon anyone. You have to earn that superlative, and your aunt proves she's the coolest on the daily. She's so much more than a relative you only see on certain holidays, because she's a great friend and role model, all in one. Only those who have someone like that in their family understand why your cool aunt is the best, but it's really not difficult to see from the outside.

I consider myself extremely lucky, because I have a really cool aunt. Growing up, I couldn't wait to see her during family reunions, and I'd choose spending time with her over any of the other kids my age any day. She treated me like a best friend, even though I know now how annoying it must have been spending so much time with an exuberant kid like me. Not only was she kind, but had the best style and greatest hair ever.

Though, it's so much more than fashion and beauty that makes a cool aunt the best. You also have to have these nine qualities that make you someone totally special, and also cool as heck to hang out with.

She Treats You As An Equal
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When you were little, you always knew that there was an age gap between you two, but she never made you feel like a kid. She acted more like a cool older cousin. That also meant that she treated you more like a friend, and to this day, you consider her one of your best.

She Helped You Define Your Sense Of Style
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The cool aunt is the one who becomes one of your top fashion role models. Growing up, you always admired her style. She might have even let you borrow some of her clothes, and you always felt like a sophisticated adult walking around in them. Now, you can definitely see her influence in your own fashion sense.

You Feel Comfortable Confiding In Her

You know you can always go to your mom to vent and ask for advice, but you also confide in your aunt. She's not only like a second mom to you with the best words of wisdom, but she also makes you feel comfortable like a best friend figure. That's why you never hesitate before going to her for anything and everything.

She's Down For Any Adventure
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The cool aunt is always down for some fun. She'd ride a roller coaster with you, go out dancing, and even hit up a new rooftop bar for brunch. Whatever new thing you want to do, she's your go-to partner in crime for it.

She Keeps Up With Pop Culture
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Your aunt is trendy AF, and always keeping up on the latest pop culture news. It may not be her fave, but she's aware of it. You love how you never have to pause and explain something to her, because she just gets it.

You Talk All The Time
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Since you and your cool aunt are like besties, you talk all the time. You might even have a text chain going strong. You'd never want to pass off the phone to your other siblings when your aunt is calling, because you have so much to tell her.

She Gives The Most Relatable Advice
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Even though your aunt may be older, she's still young at heart. She totally understands what you're going through — because she's been there, done that — and that's why she can give the most relatable advice. It never feels like a lecture, but just a friend just chatting with you.

She Always Remembers Your Birthday, Because Duh
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Your aunt never misses your birthday. She always goes out of her way to make you feel like queen every single year. Plus, since she's so aware of what's trending, she's an amazing gift giver.

She Always Makes You Feel Included

Even when you were little and sat at the kids' table, your aunt went out of her way to make you feel included. She listened to you when some of the other adults might have ignored you. To this day, she still includes you, and would never baby you.