Having A Cool Aunt Who's Still Your Favorite In Your 20s Makes You The Luckiest

If you have a cool aunt, you know that she's not only like a second mother to you, but a best friend as well. Growing up, her fun and outgoing personality was exactly what you imagined all the awesome adults to be like, and having a cool aunt meant you had someone truly awesome to be your role model. Now that you're in your 20s, she is so much more than a cool relative to you.

When I was little, I thought my Aunt Sharon was living her #bestlife. She lived on her own, did amazing things like run marathons, and had the cutest dog in the world. Not only did I believe she had the dream lifestyle, but she was also a really nice and genuine person. It was double the greatness to aspire to.

Growing up, the epitome of being a cool aunt was showcased in some of your favorite movies like Practical Magic and TV shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Those aunts were who you wanted to see at family reunions, and luckily, you had one. There are so many different ways for someone to be a "cool aunt," but most of them share these nine qualities that are undeniably the best. These are the qualities that made them role model-worthy as a kid, and now the one person who makes your 20s the best it can be.

She Keeps The Secrets You Don't Want To Tell Your Parents

You may be really close with your parents, but there are still some things they just wouldn't understand. That's when you go to your aunt. She's like a second parent to you, but you also feel chill enough to tell her the secrets you might not want to share with anyone else.

You Feel Comfortable Talking To Her About Anything
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Maybe your aunt is closer in age to you than any other adult in your family. That makes her feel more like a friend to you, and you feel comfortable talking to her about basically anything. She might even be the one person you go to for dating and relationship advice.

You Want To Invite Her To Hang Out With Your Friends
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Your aunt is cool enough that you'd never feel weird inviting her to hang out with your squad. She's like a friend to you, and makes every situation a million times better. With a cool aunt, you never have to do anything alone, because she's always down and ready to party.

She Has The Best Wardrobe You Totally Want To Raid
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Your cool aunt is likely the trendiest person in your family. You want to raid her closet and borrow everything she owns. Not only does she have the best wardrobe, but she also has the best makeup collection and accessories. (Let's be honest: She's a major reason why you're crushing it on the 'Gram in all of your selfies.)

She Makes Family Reunions So Much More Fun
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Family reunions can sometimes be a struggle. You're trying to avoid any family drama and pressing questions from distant relatives about your job and relationship status. Luckily, you have your cool aunt to help save the day. She'll rescue you from the interrogations and make you laugh with just a single look if things get awkward.

She's Up-To-Date On What's Trending Right Now
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Your aunt is in the know. She's totally up-to-date on everything pop culture-related, and you never have to stop mid-story to explain the latest social media trends. She likely watches some of the same TV shows as you, too.

She Gives The Best Gifts
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Since your aunt is so cool, she always knows exactly what's "in." She also gets you and your personal style. Therefore, she's the best at gift giving, and you can't wait to open her present on your birthday and every holiday.

She's Always Treated You Like An Adult
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Growing up, your aunt always treated you like an equal. Sure, she was still the adult who set examples, but she never treated you like a kid (which you always respected). It gave you confidence at an early age, which you definitely use to this day when navigating the adulting game.

She's Your Favorite Person To Go On Vacations With
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Family vacations are always fun, but they're even better when your aunt is there. She just makes everything more exciting, and you can't wait to spend quality time with your fave person. She has always been your number one choice for a travel buddy, and who you'd love to go everywhere on your bucket list with.