Why Your Big Sister Gets You Like No One Else & Always Will

Being a sister comes with a lot of perks. You get a friend for life, someone to share clothes with, and a person you can trust with every secret. If you have a sis, you're already one lucky girl, but as the younger sis, you get some extra bonuses. You see, there's no denying that your big sister understands you like no one else, and always will.

Sure, you have your best friend who's like the PB to your J, but your sister is the sandwich maker who knows exactly what kind of PB and what kind of J you need for the perfect lunchtime combo. You may think you and bae click on another level over everything, from movies to music — but you and your big sis wrote the book on how to click like that. As someone who is basically you in a nutshell, but a few years older, she understands everything you're going through, and that's what gives her those dope sister powers.

Pretty much, your big sister knows you better than you know yourself, which can be a bit annoying at times, but ultimately, you love it. It comes in handy, and it's all because of these six things that makes your sister so special.

She's Already Dealt With Pretty Much Everything You're Going Through

From your parents, to school, to the dating world, your sister has already gone through pretty much everything you'll have to deal with. Your big sis knows the ins and outs of dealing with Mom and Dad. She's given you a few pointers on what classes to take in school, and she has even been your dating advice guru. She's a wealth of knowledge, and it's all because she's been there, done that.

You Share A Secret Sister Language, So She Can Basically Read Your Mind

All sisters have a secret language. It's usually a silent one with wide-eyed glances and eyebrow raises. They're used often at the dinner table when you want to express an entire novel of information to your sis with just one look. It's also probably why you're so good at being on the same team for charades.

So, when other people can't understand just from your facial expression what you're saying, you're wishing your sister were there, because she would totally get it.

You Share The Same Genes
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You can't get any more inclusive than sharing the same DNA. Not only does this mean you may have similar physical features, but inside, you're just the same. My sister and I even have similar tastebuds, so if she doesn't like a dish, I know I never have to try it. She also understands that whenever I'm cranky, it's because I'm most definitely hangry. It runs in the family.

You're An Open Book When It Comes To Everything
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Sisters are great for sharing secrets. I hold onto my sister's with lock and key, just like I'm sure she does with mine. We've shared things like embarrassing stories, crushes, things we can't tell our parents, and even how we're truly feeling deep inside. My sister is the only person I can go to for anything, and I mean, everything. That also means she knows the most about me just from all that extra info she has.

She's Literally Known You Since Day One

As the older sis, she was there when you were born, and will continue to be there for the rest of your life. She is truly the "forever" in best friend forever. Since she's been around so long, she's had the most time to figure you out. It takes time to understand why someone is the way they are, and she's seen you in every stage of life. It's no wonder she could write a book about you.

She Was Raised The Same As You

A lot of who you are today may stem from your fam. If you grew up in a household that valued keeping up with pop culture trends, you and your sister likely communicate with your favorite movie quotes and song lyrics on the reg. If your family is all about tradition, you and your sis have probably started a few new, special traditions of your own. For someone who came from the exact same place you did, your sister will be the only one who truly understands your roots.