Why You Might Be Bad At Second Dates, According To Your Zodiac Sign

The first date was hard enough! You spent hours mentally preparing so you wouldn't make a fool of yourself. You went back and forth on maybe just canceling the date altogether because dating sucks. You even entertained the very valid possibility that your date could totally end up being a creepy stalker or something. Hell, maybe you also broke a cardinal rule in dating and Googled their name, only to find nerve-racking results. Well, if you manage to even survive the first date, you've got a whole new monster to deal with: the second date. Especially if you guys totally hit it off, why the second date is hard for you, according to your zodiac sign, will articulate exactly why you turn into a frazzled mess at the thought of it.

The expectations are high and the odds that you'll get married and have babies are probably low. It's totally normal to feel anxious as the second date approaches. Neither of you want to be disappointed. Maybe you're overanalyzing every silly thing you said on the first date. Maybe you've scrolled all the way to the bottom of their Instagram feed and accidentally liked a photo from 2013. Ugh, did you notice attractive their ex is? Perhaps you're just nervous about catching feelings while they're not really catching them at all. Regardless of what's going on in your head, your zodiac sign can explain it:


You love a good chase, Aries, and you're not very patient. If you really like this person, you're probably already concocting the clever things you'll say during the date, picking out your outfit well in advance, and posting all the right content on social media to make them even more impressed with you. Underneath your sexy guise, however, you're nervous as hell! You're probably majorly eager to sweep them off their feet already.


Is the second date too soon to introduce them to your family, you wonder? You're all about laying groundwork for the future, Taurus, and you're hoping they share the same values as you. You really don't feel like wasting time on a whirlwind romance. You'd rather just stay single if that's the case. Otherwise, you're worried that your seriousness might put them off.


Gemini, it's so difficult to impress you that the second date rarely even happens. When it does, you become a nervous wreck. For someone who always knows exactly what to say, you're constantly second guessing yourself when you like someone. Feelings are such a weird concept to you. Admitting them feels like trying to speak a foreign language! You're probably also wondering if you should cut off all the other people you've been "talking" to.


I bet you're already so emotionally invested in this person that you're picking out names for your babies, Cancer. There are butterflies swarming your stomach and you're probably building this person up to being "the one" because honestly, you really just want to find your soulmate already! What if this is just another passing fancy? You really don't want to be let down.


You're used to fending off a million people pursuing you at once, Leo. It's beyond weird when you're the one who needs to impress them. I bet you're talking about this person nonstop, to anyone who will listen. You want to just marry them and become the next Beyoncé and Jay-Z already. The idea that they might not reciprocate these same feelings for you is tearing you apart, however. You do not take rejection well!


You probably seriously need to calm down, Virgo. You're likely overanalyzing every single text, reading way too much into whether they're using the heart-eyes emoji or just a regular smiley face. I bet they have no clue how anxious you are, however. You're probably acting so aloof that they can't even tell if you really like them! You just want everything to be perfect and you don't want to say or do the wrong thing.


I doubt you're playing games, Libra. If you like someone enough to agree to a second date, you've probably got your charm turned all the way up. However, you are nervous about coming on too strong or making them feel pressured in any way. You want them to genuinely like you, not feel obligated to like you just because of all the effort you're going through.


One minute, you're certain you're about to go on a second date with your future husband or wife. The next, you're convinced that they're actually just a fool who's just gonna break your heart. When you like someone, you like them so much that it's downright scary — for you and for them. You're known for making things way more complicated than they need to be. However, you also know that it's better to love than to never have loved at all, so you'll almost always end up admitting that you like them.


You're so playful and silly when you like someone, Sagittarius. You might honestly be worried that they don't take you seriously or they maybe even find you immature. You just can't help but show them your inner-child though. It's how you open up to someone. However, you also know that if they're too stoic to handle your whimsical personality, they're not the one for you, no matter how much you may like them.


Capricorn, you're probably planning to just tell them exactly where your feelings stand. You really do not have time for games and if they're not on the same page as you, you'll have to just walk away. You're terribly afraid of getting hurt and you need to know well in advance whether or not they'll disappoint you. However, you know this straight-forwardness could freak them out, Capricorn, so you're bracing yourself for the worst.


If you really like this person, Aquarius, you're probably contemplating canceling the date altogether. Seems counterintuitive to everyone around you, I know, but feelings make you sick. You think it might be easier to just go through life without experiencing them. You'll probably say anything and everything except the fact that you like them, making your date have to read between the lines to gauge where your heart's at.


You've probably already looked up your zodiac sign compatibility, decided that you guys absolutely knew each other in a past life, and you're wondering if it would be too much to bring them the exact same flowers they said were planted in the front yard of the house they grew up in. Your instinct is to be ridiculously romantic, Pisces. I bet you're having trouble holding back, even though you know it might be a good idea. The thought of losing this person is already terrifying you.