'Bachelor' contestants at the "Women Tell All"

This 'Bachelor' Fan-Favorite Wasn't At "WTA" & I Need Answers

Kelsey McNeal/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

After the emotional breakup between Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller, fans were eager for answers on "Women Tell All," and not just from the most recently eliminated woman. One important face missing from special was none other than Natasha Parker, who was in the top six of Peter's season. So, why isn't Natasha at The Bachelor "Women Tell All"?

Despite the rumors she wasn't extended an invite like Kelley Flanagan's reported situation, Natasha has made it abundantly clear she was not snubbed by producers. She took to Twitter to clear the air, making sure everyone knew she *was* invited, she just couldn't attend. On the same date that she tweeted about her absence from "Women Tell All," Natasha also posted to Instagram about taking some time for self-care, so clearly she's got a lot going on.

If you've followed Natasha on Instagram from the start of her Bachelor journey (guilty), you'll know that work is extremely important to her. So much so, in fact, that she even missed watching the Feb. 6 episode due to her job. She tweeted, "I didn’t get a chance to watch the show tonight because I was working late. From what I hear it was a lot."

According to her LinkedIn, the 31-year-old is a brand marketing director at Everyday Hospitality. Between planning events, collaborating with designers, and attending social functions, it makes sense she's busy. When she left for the show, she unfortunately had to leave her career behind, but she jumped back into work straight away, so it makes sense that she couldn't exactly take some more time off to go to another taping.

But while she couldn't make it to The Bachelor "Women Tell All", Natasha did not miss the drama-packed episode for work this time. White "Women Tell All" was airing, she tweeted about the show, with just a teeny bit of shade toward her ex.

Natasha was known for speaking her mind on the show, so I'm honestly here for her thoughts about Peter's classic Bachelor breakup style. She also had the most on-point reaction to all the messy "WTA" fighting that went down during the cast reunion, which she posted on her Instagram:

Audiences definitely missed Natasha on the special, so here's hoping she keeps tweeting the rest of the season. Better yet? Maybe she'll show up this summer on Bachelor in Paradise.

As fans wait for that cast to be released, though, they'll be eagerly watching to find out which of the final two contestants Peter ends up with during the two-part Bachelor finale starting on March 9 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.