Fans Are All Kinds Of Confused About Kelley's Absence From "Women Tell All"

Francisco Roman/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Between #ChampagneGate, hectic hometowns, and possibly the least romantic Fantasy Suites ever, it's almost time to find out who (if anyone) Peter Weber gets down on one knee for. But first, the chance for knocked-out contestants to reveal their sides of the story and squash any beef (or start some up) is finally here. The one thing you're immediately asking yourself once you get over Victoria Fuller's send-off, is: Why isn't Kelley at The Bachelor "Women Tell All"?

Bachelor Nation is still hurting over Kelley Flanagan's on-screen breakup with Peter. After getting sent home following her three-on-one date (alongside Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller), fans were hoping to get a glimpse of the woman who caught the Bachelor's heart pre-filming, and maybe even watch her be named the next Bachelorette. It turns out, though, not only is she out of the running after Good Morning America revealed throwback fave Clare Crawley will be the Bachelorette, but it looks like Kelley wasn't even asked to be on "Women Tell All."

What makes this snub so confusing is that the 27-year-old lawyer made it to this season's top five. So, why isn't the fan-fave in attendance? It turns out, it might just be because the production team didn't mesh well with her.

Despite appearing low-key the whole season, Kelley's final date was pretty explosive, with her calling the other contestants "children." Still, with the amount of drama that surrounds the show, that seems pretty tame for Bachelor standards. According to multiple reports, though, Kelley has said she wasn't invited to the taping, and based off of the tweets circling, fans aren't happy about it.

Despite not getting a seat at "Women Tell All," Kelley made the best of the situation and celebrated her birthday with her Bachelor besties in Los Angeles, where the special was filmed, and she posted all about it on Instagram. Victoria Fuller even commented on the post saying, "Happy birthday my girl 💘 love you 4ever," so it seems that despite the drama in their last episode together, there's no bad blood between the two.

Fans may never know exactly why Kelley wasn't on the reunion special. Maybe she didn't like how production portrayed her, or perhaps producers had something else in mind for how they wanted the night to go. Either way, here's to hoping fans get to see more of her this summer on Bachelor in Paradise.

Until then, I'll just be over here counting down the days until The Bachelor Season 24 finale, which airs Monday, March 9, and Tuesday, March 10, on ABC.