Kelley on 'The Bachelor'

Here's What We Know About Kelley's Life After 'The Bachelor'

ABC/Francisco Roman

While navigating a breakup on national television can't exactly be fun, Kelley Flanagan handled her departure with grace. Bachelor Peter Weber ended their relationship by not giving her a rose during their three-on-one date (alongside Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller), explaining this was a particularly tough breakup for him because he had been most excited about Kelley at the beginning of the season. After leaving The Bachelor, Kelley seems to be embracing her friendships, keeping up with her new fans, working hard, and traveling plenty.

A quick scroll through her Instagram shows the 27-year-old lawyer from Chicago has been pretty busy since she finished filming the show in late 2019. On Nov. 28, 2019, she posted that she "reunited" with her sister in their hometown. After she shared the exciting news that she would join The Bachelor's Season 24 cast on Dec. 16, she wished her 275,000 Instagram followers a "Merry Christmas" from the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida.

By January, she posted a selfie with her sister Pamela to announce she was back at work at her family's law firm. Later that month, she traveled to Colorado with a group of friends and to Miami with her family. (If she missed dating a pilot for the frequent flyer miles alone, she didn't mention it.)

Hours before her Bachelor elimination on Feb. 10, Kelley posted an adorable video on her Instagram featuring a highlight reel of her friends' Colorado vacation. Between the mimosas and face masks, snowy slopes and cozy hotels, it looks like the trip was an absolute blast. And ready for this next-level cuteness? It appears Kelley is still close to the women she met on the show; Madison commented on the post, "Insert me," and Kelley responded, "Please!! Next time."

All winter long, Kelley has been posting photos from her time on the show as each episode has aired, so despite the way her relationship with Peter ended, she doesn't appear to have hard feelings toward him. But come summertime, will she put herself back in the game as a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise? Fans will have to keep checking in with her to see what she gets up to next.