One Of Trump's Sons Isn't In The Family Christmas Card & People Are Confused

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Clouding the holiday spirit of many is the never-ending controversy regarding the questionable state of our country. On Monday, Dec. 11, the GOP tweeted a link allowing the public to send personalized Christmas e-cards to the POTUS and his family (probably in efforts to raise a little holiday morale). Included with the link is a new Trump family photo, with the youngest Trump, Barron, completely cut out of the picture. Upon noticing the absence of young Barron, many in the Twitterverse are left wondering: Why isn't Barron in the Trump family Christmas card?

You may remember the early days before and after Trump was elected, which now seems like ages ago. From Trump's Access Hollywood tape to his questionable comments about Ivanka, the Trump family's media presence has been nothing short of eventful.

Young Barron was also a familiar face within the media last year. From internet trolls badgering him to contentious assumptions of him having a disability, the media unfairly targeted Barron as a young scapegoat amidst Trump's questionable and endeavors.

Chelsea Clinton eventually started defending Barron, since she's a former child of the White House who has also endured the stresses of overbearing media. However, the media finally stopped trolling Barron altogether when the White House officially requested that the media leave him out of the spotlight for a chance to lead a private childhood.

Although we recognize (and completely agree with) the White House's demand to keep Barron out of the news, many in the Twitterverse are still extremely curious — and pretty offended — that Barron didn't make an appearance in the family's holiday card. Others, however, are totally standing by the Trump family's decision to cut him out, for the sake of his privacy.

Many people are literally just asking why he isn't there at all. I mean, wouldn't you want to include all of your kids in a family Christmas card? Leaving out just one of them would be sort of sad, right?

Others are finding young Barron's absence rather upsetting. He did add a rather friendly face to the family portrait.

Others are finding the youngest Trump's absence a little humorous... yet not particularly out of character for the Trump family.

On the other side of Twitter's speculations, some feel that Barron's absence is merely coinciding with the Trump family's efforts to keep their youngest son completely removed from the media. Since growing up in the White House isn't exactly easy as an adolescent, and since it totally wasn't Barron's choice to be in the spotlight at all, we totally respect their decision to maintain his privacy.

While Twitter argues over why or why not should Barron have been in the family Christmas card at all, several in the Twitterverse are really just asking why GOP set up a holiday card to begin with. From resign requests, to plenty of ill-wishes for the upcoming holiday season, people are really going to town on sending the POTUS a ton of negativity and mean spirit for the holidays — and to be honest, we were kind of thinking the same thing.

So, it might seem pretty weird — and seriously depressing — that the Trump family just kind of decided to leave their youngest son out of the family Christmas card... but maybe it was done with good intentions. Sometimes being in the media at a young age can be harrowing and beyond unpleasant. But, in his absence, we're all wishing the best of holidays to young Barron, because after all, he is just a kid.

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