This Chelsea Clinton Tweet Defending Barron Trump Is Savage Perfection

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The ring-wing news site The Daily Caller recently published an op-ed criticizing Barron Trump's fashion sense – and it left us with more questions than answers. Like, why would anyone have such strong opinions on an 11-year-old's clothing choices? And, with everything going on in the world, do we really need to complain about the fact that the youngest Trump prefers loafers to dress shoes?

I have plenty more head-scratching reactions to this piece, but first I'm going to defer to Chelsea Clinton's tweet defending Barron Trump, because it was all-around perfection.

The former first daughter took to social media to call out The Daily Caller's story, which complained that Barron isn't living up to his son-of-the-president duties. The writer went onto add that the way the president's son dresses (in this particular case it was a red T-shirt and khaki shorts) isn't "normal," and it looks like he is heading on a trip to the movie theatre.

It seems completely unnecessary and inappropriate to target a president's child, when he/she has zero involvement in the government's state of affairs. With that said, if the child is helping to make decisions that affect our country (*cough* Ivanka *cough*), then comment away – though preferably about something much more substantial than fashion choices.

Clinton had some choice words when it comes to criticizing a first child.

After all, she's had plenty of experience being scrutinized by the media growing up, having found herself targeted by everyone from Rush Limbaugh (who once said she looked like a "dog") to Saturday Night Live.

Her tweet was met with a wave of agreement from users, many of whom were equally perplexed by the fashion commentary.

The former first daughter is no stranger to calling Donald Trump himself out on Twitter, though.

Clinton has repeatedly spoken out again Trump's policies and brash statements — and even got into a small war of words with the president himself.

She clapped back after the president reportedly called The White House "a dump..."

Called out Trump's past disregard for LGBT rights...

... And exchanged some heated words with the president.

When all is said and done, it's definitely useful to have Clinton in your corner — at the very least to help you throw some ~fire~ Twitter shade.