9 Annoying Holiday Moments You'd Only Be Able To Endure With Your Sister By Your Side

We all know the holidays can be seriously magical when the family comes together, but this time of year can also be super stressful. You love your family and cherish every holiday tradition you have, but sometimes, all of it can be a little too overwhelming. Luckily for you, if you're blessed with an amazing sister, she most likely totally gets all of your feels. There are a few reasons why having a sister during the holidays is a blessing, and you're beyond thankful to have her right by your side.

She helps you endure the awkward moments, the boring traditions, and all of the ways the family you absolutely love can totally annoy you at times. You honestly don't know how you would survive without her there. You naturally make each other laugh through it all, especially during these nine bizarre holiday moments families are totally guilty of this time of year. Sure, it's the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be a lot to handle, so having your sis there is the greatest gift you could ever receive. You're eternally grateful, so you better be thanking her on Thanksgiving, and giving her a large gift in December, because she deserves it for keeping you sane.

You Share The Focus During Family Grilling Time
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You know when you come home for the holidays, you have to give every single person the lowdown on what you're doing. Having to explain what exactly you do for a living can be an exhausting job. Thankfully, you have your sister there to tag you out. You take turns sharing every little detail to your grandparents.

You Know How To Act When You're Given The Same Presents

You and your sis understand getting the same awkward gifts from your family members. Maybe they don't know you fully, so it's usually a generic purse, a book, or maybe something they saw and thought you would like. Even if it's not anywhere close to your style, you both know how to smile and act excited about it together.

She's With You Through All Of The Awkward Family Photos
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It's nice to have your entire family together again in one place. That's why we totally understand Mom's need to whip out her camera so much, but it has a tendency to be a little too much. If your family has a tradition of getting pictures done professionally, or they're just spur of the moment pictures, you know you always have your sister there.

She Helps You Find The Right Gifts For Relatives Who Are Hard AF To Shop For

It never fails. Every year my mom always tells me, "I don't need anything for Christmas." I can't tell if she's lying, but I always want to get her a present anyway, and she makes the process all the more difficult. I literally never know what to get her, and having a sister relieves that. You can help each other find presents for family members who don't make it easy.

She Helps You Out In The Hectic Kitchen

You and your sister most likely want to, or are forced to, help with Thanksgiving dinner. It can get pretty chaotic in one kitchen having so many people helping out. I don't think everyone being hangry helps either, but having your sister there makes the task so much more bearable. You joke around and lighten the mood while sneaking little tastes.

She Makes Black Friday Shopping Way Less Stressful

If your family loves a good deal, you know that Black Friday is a big day. It can be extremely stressful navigating the long lines, crazy crowds, and passionate shoppers. Luckily, you have your sister there to make light of the entire situation and make the time go by quickly in line.

She's Your Support System When Relatives Treat You Like A Child

You may feel like you're adulting like a champ and living on your own, but to your family, you're still seen as the little kid you once were. It can be super annoying being treated like a kid by your parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles. You and your sister sneak each other eye rolls every once in awhile.

You Dodge The Subject Of Politics Together

Even though you love each other, your family may not all agree on the same things. Money, politics, and religion should be avoided topics of discussion, but mostly everyone inevitably has that one family member who wants to stir the pot. You and your sister help each other avoid the awkward political discussions. We're here for holiday fun, not a public debate.

You Have Someone Interesting To Talk To
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Sometimes, the discussion at the family dinner table can be a little boring. You and your sister help each other pass the time by discussing your favorite movies, TV shows, and music. You don't have to get roped into talking about all of the things your family likes to talk about. You can even sneak away together.