Why Do Guys Like Doggy? Guys Reveal Why It's Their Favorite Sex Position

Is it just me, or is there a time in every sex sesh where your partner, mid-thrust, is like, "Hey, wanna flip over?" Yep, ladies, we all know what that means, it's time for some good ol' D.O.G.G.Y. Listen, I'm not complaining; doggy is hot, but why do guys like doggy so much? I know why some ladies enjoy it. I mean, welcome to deep penetration nation. But why is it so often right at the top of some guys' sexual menu?

In a 2014 study by Women's Health Magazine, in which they polled over 800 men, the position men said they like the best is — surprise, surprise — doggy style. So with all the hundreds of sex positions out there, why does this one seem to always end up... um... top dog? Great question. That's why, when a recent Reddit thread asked men why their favorite sex position is doggy style, I was excited to read their responses. It turns out, there are a variety of reasons why some dudes are always trying to hit it from the back. Some of their explanations are just are what you would expect, but some of them really offered some insight into not only why they like it, but what's going through their heads when they assume the position.

Here's what 10 of them had to say.

They Like The Feeling Of Dominance It Gives Them

Just the very dominant nature of it, I like to see myself penetrating my partner, see her butt bounce. The little thing women do where they crumple down after a while. Grab the hips and get really good leverage to get rough with a gal.

- Doodle-Cactus

Easier to slap and grab her ass, I can pull her hair, it feels so primal it’s sexy, and I like reaching around to rub her clit in doggy style.

- sum1rand0m

Maybe not favorite but something I feel the urge to do every once in awhile. It's my favorite position to have control, and I like being able to hold onto the hips.

- ProtoJMan

Pulling out and cumming on her bra tan lines or her ass crack.

- gobigred3562

I'm not going to lie; these answers were pretty hot. As any pillow princess can attest, getting topped this way is one of the reasons doggy is the best.

Also, a quick reminder that the pull-out method is a terrible idea. It doesn't protect against STDs and is really ineffective birth control. So, use condoms always, please. OK thanks.

They Appreciate The Change Of Scenery

The view.

- dickwad69

It feels great and it is an incredible view. Also love to grab tits from behind.

- GYN-k4H-Q3z-75B

the view is nice, i dont have to worry about how i look, and the position both feels good and is easy to do

- naked_avenger

So in other words, they are taking it in while you are, ya know, taking it.

Because… Butts

I like butts.

- Clintman

Well, they are pretty amazing. So, no argument here.

Then, There's This Dude Who Really Just Appreciates Having The Opportunity To Multitask

The doggy style is a sexual position which allows you to easily do things concurrently/simultaneously. While banging her, you can watch your favorite series, play some video games, eat pizza (use her back as a table), daydream, contemplate, and the plethora of other activities

- JamesWithAnH

Come on, dude, try and stay focused. If you are really that distracted while you're getting busy doggy style, maybe you need to step up your game, because you're just not doing it right. Just sayin'.

So, what did we learn today? Some guys really love butts, getting primal in the bedroom, and looking at your bod. OK, maybe we didn't learn anything new, but it's always nice to be reminded of how amazing our bodies are — from every angle.

This post was originally published on Oct. 10, 2017. It was updated on Sept. 6, 2019.