Pauly D & Aubrey O'Day Reportedly Broke Up Because Of This Major Incompatibility

by Candice Jalili
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After a long and tumultuous on again/off again relationship, Paul "Pauly D" DelVecchio Jr. and Aubrey O'Day officially called it quits for good in July 2017. But why did Pauly D and Aubrey O'Day break up? What could have possibly gone wrong in the romance of two famed reality stars who found love on a show literally called "Famously Single"?

It turns out DelVecchio reportedly called it off with O'Day because he wasn't as ready to take the next step as she was. "They broke up," an insider told E! News shortly after their split. "Pauly is the one that broke up with Aubrey. She was pressuring him to get a ring, and he was not there yet. They are done. He hopes to remain friends with her, [but] she is pretty upset."

Before the split, O'Day had been pretty open about her strong desire to tie the knot. "I want a ring like ASAP! I think I put enough pressure for that to be going down sooner not later," she told E! News just a month before they split. "I'm looking for something serious, and I'm ready to move to the next chapter in my life where I'm a wife and a mom and to experience other things than what I've been doing my entire career. He knows that and we made sure that's the page we were both on in the beginning."

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"We're looking forward to the next steps," DelVecchio agreed at the time. "She's the one for me, so I'm looking forward to the next steps and waiting for the right moment to make all that happen."

Of course, things didn't quite pan out that way. “They’re definitely broken up,” another source confirmed to People in July 2017. “It was a long time coming — they were always on and off. But it seems like it’s done for good now.”

"(I) truly felt tortured," O'Day told Us Weekly of her relationship with DelVecchio over a year after their split. "There was no healthy dialogue. There was no progressive communication. There were rules and the rules needed to be followed and when they weren't, you were punished.

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DelVecchio responded to her claim in an interview with Page Six in September 2018. “I was very shocked,” he told Page Six of reading about her feelings on the relationship. “And I’m like, ‘Oh wow, this was a bit dramatic.’ And I’m like, ‘Torturous’? That’s an interesting word. If it was tortuous, why would you stay in a torturous relationship? And I’m the one that left her. I think that’s a little bit fabricated but if that’s the way she feels, it’s a good thing we’re not together anymore.”

He also noted in the same interview that he, too, was shocked when he found out about his ex's alleged affair with Donald Trump Jr. “I found out when the world found out, it was in the press and I said, ‘Oh, wow! That’s crazy,'” he told Page Six. “Hey listen, she did what she had to do at the time, I guess. The way I feel is I dodged a bullet. I’m glad that I was out of that whole situation.”

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Here's to hope they have better luck with love the next time around.