Kim Kardashian Just Revealed The Hilarious Reason She Unfollowed Everyone On Instagram

by Jamie LeeLo
Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

OK. What is going on with the Kardashians' Instagram accounts? First, Khloé goes private. Now, Kim seemingly unfollowed everyone. Like, everyone. Knowing that social media is vital to the success and trajectory of her career, it seemed like a weird AF move. Of course, fans were wondering: Why did Kim Kardashian unfollow everyone on Instagram? The answer is not a publicity stunt, promotion for a new project, or anything to do with Kanye West — if you can believe it. Strangely enough, according to Kim, she has no idea what happened, either. Seriously.

In fact, it looks like Kim was first alerted to the fact she dropped her famous family, collaborative brands, and all network follows by her fans on Twitter. Naturally, eagle-eyed followers saw it and jumped online to panic about it. One person took a screenshot of Kim's follows and followers and tweeted, "Wait.... what's happening? Is Instagram bugging or what?" I'm not sure how Kim came across this specific tweet considering she isn't tagged in it, but it's the one she used to address the situation. She reposted the tweet and responded, "OMG what???? What’s going on????"

We don't know Kim. We're the ones asking you, here.

A few hours later, Kim updated her fans again explaining the whole thing was a mistake and that she is now left with the tedious task of trying to remember everyone she followed. However, she seemed to be in good spirits about it, because she included laughing emojis. (**Insert shoulder shrug emoji**)

Another fan tweeted they "totally thought" Kim was purposefully unfollowing everyone, to which she responded: "No way! We’re working on figuring out what happened but I will start following people back if I can remember everyone."

If you're into conspiracy theories, you're going to love the next part. It sounds like Kim began the painstaking task of combing through her network and started following people again. However, after she hit double digits, her account mysteriously dropped back to zero again. "I tried following people again and now looks like at 0 again," she tweeted.

At the time of publication, Kim had managed to re-follow 38 people including her famous family members and close friends like Malika Haqq, Steph Shep, and Lala. I'm not trying to make this weird, but her inner circle really knows where they stand with her now based on how quickly she added them back on her follow list.

Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Admittedly, the whole thing feels very suspect considering Kim's mystery unfollows happened shortly after Khloé unknowingly went private. She also was unaware of the change to her Instagram account and was alerted by fans on social media. Eventually, Khloé was able to make herself public again and everyone just chalked that one up to "weird tech stuff," too.

All I'm saying is watch your accounts Kris, Kylie, Kendall, and Kourtney. Something is happening on Instagram and if we're following the pattern, you could be next.

I smell a spinoff mystery series in here somewhere.