Kenny Left 'Bachelor In Paradise' For An Emotional Reason


Kenny made an unexpected decision on Bachelor in Paradise: He decided to leave early! After developing a really strong bond with Annaliese, Kenny pulled her aside to tell her that he had to leave, even though he really didn't want to. So, why did Kenny go home on Bachelor in Paradise? He had some parenting duties that he couldn't skip out on.

As many of you already know, Kenny takes his role as a dad very seriously. He has a young daughter named Makenzi King and she apparently had a recital that Kenny was eager to get to. So, Kenny asked Annaliese to have a private chat with him. And it was then that he revealed that he needed to go home to be with his daughter.

The teary-eyed conversation was full of love and understanding with Anneliese praising Kenny for being "a good guy."

One thing Kenny was sure to do was tell Annaliese that were it not for his daughter, he would have stayed to explore his relationship with her more. So, he left Annaliese with some peace of mind about the state of their relationship. And that's really a commendable way to end things in paradise.

Given how strong Kenny's relationship with Annaliese was proving to be, fans are naturally dumbfounded by his decision to leave. But at the same time, they totally understand why he did what he did.

Here's how Bachelor Nation i reacting to Kenny's departure on Twitter:

Not everyone was sympathetic to Kenny's plight given that made this same decision once before when he was on The Bachelorette:

So, did Kenny leave because he needed to be at his daughter's recital? Or did he leave because he fears commitment? Either way, at least he left in kind and respectful manner. There was no fuss, no drama, and no heartbreak, which is the way to do it. You have to give him credit for being a decent human being and an awesome dad.

While Annaliese was definitely thrown for a loop by Kenny's sudden departure, she quickly found her footing once newcomer Kamil arrived. The two hit if off straight away and went on a super romantic date. Annaliese and Kamil became a couple in what I would call record time. And, as you can imagine, Annaliese's tears over Kenny quickly morphed into a huge smile once Kamil was on her arm.

So, all in all, both Kenny and Annaliese got what they wanted. Kenny got to go home and be a dad. Annaliese found a compatible mate in Kamile and can now explore romance with him.

Needless to say, what started out as a really odd and unexpected situation actually turned out well!

It remains to be seen whether Annaliese and Kamil will last for the duration of the show (especially since he's brand new to the show), but they seem to be doing well for the moment. And with any luck, Kenny will find love some point in the future.