Bachelor Nation Has One Major Question About Kenny After This Week's 'Paradise' Episode


Maybe it's because we've had our fair share of Becca Kufrin's contestants over the past few months, but Bachelor Nation has loved seeing Kenny King back on their TV screens on Bachelor in Paradise. After competing on Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette season, Kenny has suddenly become a hot commodity in Paradise after Krystal Nielson chose not to pursue a serious relationship with him. He has several ladies fighting for his attention on Week 3 of Paradise, so is Kenny single after Bachelor in Paradise?

For now, it looks like the only lady in the single dad's life is his daughter Makenzi. The young girl played a major part in Kenny's Bachelorette journey last year, first appearing in a FaceTime chat Kenny had with her halfway through filming and then being a key reason why Rachel and Kenny agreed that he should leave the season on his own terms. She even popped up on Season 13's Men Tell All event, where ABC awarded Kenny and Makenzi with a free trip to Disneyland for Kenny's birthday. And yet he wasn't named the Bachelor?

While he seems perfectly happy applying face masks with Makenzi in his spare time, there aren't any obvious hints about Kenny's Paradise romances carrying over to real life. He first went on a date with Krystal to a Mexican wrestling match, showing him in his professional prime, and although they were a solid pair for that episode, Krystal soon left him in the dust and quickly moved on with Chris Randone/Goose. Struggling to find a man who would give her a rose, Annaliese set her eyes on Kenny, but Jacqueline's arrival in Paradise complicated her plans, when she asked pro wrestler out on another date.

Perhaps demonstrating how well Kenny can get along with vastly different women (a must for a Bachelor candidate, just saying), Kenny charmed Jacqueline just as strongly as he did Krystal. The wrestling star's genuineness seems to have won over plenty of ladies on the beach, and seeing as he has his own thriving success outside of Bachelor Nation, the women probably don't have to worry about him choosing social media followers over a relationship.

While Kenny bonded with Krystal over fitness, he clicked with Jacqueline about worldliness, and they discussed their own travel experiences. Basically, Kenny is too good for all of us and Jacqueline is way too well-spoken for Paradise, but after these two were low-key normal, Annaliese swept in on Kenny, making enough of a connection that they shared a kiss. Later in the cocktail party, Bibiana started flirting with Kenny after finding herself without a definite partner. She and Kenny talked about their struggles in the Bachelor world. This time, the Kenny bonding theme was their struggle with opening up. They shared a kiss, and they both seemed extremely into it.

Kenny is clearly a multifaceted man with countless layers, guys.

All of these ladies pining for Kenny definitely pleased the wrestler's fans on Twitter, but seeing as he didn't seem to enjoy one particular connection over the others, some of Bachelor Nation was just concerned about him actually finding love. The other half wondered why we're still subjected to Tia and Colton's on-and-off whatever when Kenny is chilling out nearby.

Season 5 of Paradise is definitely the year of underdogs finding love, and whether or not Kenny found a lasting relationship on the beach, it's been great to see him thrive on TV like the gem Bachelor Nation always knew he was. Cheers to Kenny living his best life in Mexico!

Bachelor in Paradise returns on Tuesday, Aug. 21, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.