Here's The Real Reason Elyse Left 'The Bachelor' Early

ABC/ Rick Rowell

When Elyse and Colton had their one-on-one date back in Week 3, it seemed like true love could be blossoming. They had a blast playing with kids at a carnival, they shared a romantic kiss at a private concert, and even bonded over similar family histories. Even though there's a five-year age difference between the two, Elyse seemed to have all her fears about Colton being too young for her squashed after the one-on-one, and Colton gave her a rose. So then, why did Elyse leave The Bachelor in Week 5? The answer is complicated.

Even though Elyse and Colton had a wonderful time on their one-on-one date, they apparently got to spend very little time together after it. Elyse got especially upset spending time Thailand, which is a romatnic locale, but not getting any one-on-one time with the guy who stole her heart weeks before. It was hard for Elyse to watch Colton go off on dates with other women, and so she tearfully said:

It's been weeks since our one-on-one, and I feel very sh**ty. Right now, I'm gutted, and I didn't think it would be that hard. It's just made me doubt everything. It sucks.

When Heather came back from her romantic one-on-one date and recapped it with the other ladies, Elyse grew more and more upset. She stormed out while Heather was mid-sentence, feeling frustrated and doubtful of her own relationship with Colton. All decked out in her statement dress, Elyse knocked on Colton's door for a private conversation about how hard it was sharing him with the other women.

She told Colton, "I want the time and attention that a relationship deserves." Even though Elyse and Colton both said that they feel a strong connection, Elyse said she was struggling to stay in the competition. She said, "I can't accept the proposal after a few months of sharing your time and attention with other people."

It all led Elyse telling him she needed to remove herself from the competition and head home. Elyse may have felt some regret over her decision, wondering if she made a "stupid mistake." But by that point, she had already eliminated herself.

Elyse leaving The Bachelor will give her more time to focus on her career as a makeup artist, as well as her family. Elyse's family is clearly very important to her. As Elyse told Colton in Week 3, after her sister died of cancer, Elyse and her family made sure to always honor her memory and cherish the two children her sister left behind. Since Elyse is leaving The Bachelor, that hopefully means she'll get to spend more time with her family and supporting the charity set up in her sister's honor, Sarah's Closet.

Elyse did seem to have a really great time with Colton during her time on The Bachelor, though. Not only did she bond with him during their one-on-one, but she also won him over and received the very first group date rose of the entire season during Week 2. On that date when everyone shared stories of first times, Elyse talked about how dating Colton was the first time she was dating someone younger than her. That vulnerability seemed to win Colton over, and it brought the two of them even closer.

It's too bad that Elyse chose to leave the competition, because she was a real fan favorite, and a lot of people even saw her ending up with Colton. Other fans are simply upset that we didn't get to see more of her during her time on the show.

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Feb. 11, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.