Here's What 'Bachelor' Fans Should Know About Elyse


With 30 women vying for Colton's love and attention in the season premiere of The Bachelor, it was a little hard for every woman to get ample screen time (and it was made even harder with Catherine stealing Colton away four times throughout the first night). With so many women and not enough time, audiences didn't get to find out much about some of the quieter women in this season, like Elyse from The Bachelor. Well, Elyse has plenty to offer Colton, and she is after his heart.

At 31 years old, Elyse is at the "older and wiser" end of the spectrum, at least according to Chris Harrison. He said that she takes on the "mom" role among the women of the mansion, which probably means that she'll be giving off a totally warm and comforting vibe. Since Colton is dedicated to finding a wife and future mother of his children, maybe Elyse and her nurturing attitude will be a good pick? Although, Harrison also warned that we shouldn't underestimate Elyse. No hints yet of what that might mean, but there's always some kind of drama on The Bachelor, so it's not surprising that Elyse will fight for Colton's love in some way and some point this season.

Elyse is a makeup artist living in Scottsdale, AZ, who provides makeup services to clients for events and photo shoots as well as makeup tutorials to anyone who wants to learn. Her Instagram is filled with gorgeous photos highlighting her talent with highlighter.

Elyse's makeup skills are sure to come in handy this season. Maybe we'll get to see her offering help to some of the other ladies in the mansion? Sounds like the exactly the kind of move a super supportive and talented lady in the "mom" role would make.

Before she moved to Scottsdale, Elyse lived in her hometown of Soldotna, AK, which, according to Harrison, makes her the first contestant from Alaska. In her first night with Colton, Elyse made her Alaska roots known with an impromptu fishing escapade in the mansion swimming pool. Elyse is no stranger to outdoor activities. Growing up in Alaska, Elyse used to go deep sea fishing and gold panning. Now that she lives in the much warmer climate of Arizona, she frequently goes hiking.

Upon deeper investigation though, Elyse also might be a bit of a partier, and maybe that's what Harrison was referring to when he said not to underestimate her. In one of the promos for this season, Elyse asks if there is tequila. Will she be the party girl of this season? Time will tell.

Elyse seems like the kind of woman who will reveal more and more of herself as the audience gets to know her, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of her this season. The sneak peek at this season shows Colton and Elyse going on a private helicopter date, so looks like she'll get the chance for a lot more screen time later on this season.

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Jan. 14, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.