Here's The Reason Behind Derek's Surprising 'Bachelor In Paradise' Exit


Bachelor in Paradise offers Bachelor Nation alums the really exciting opportunity to date multiple people at once and increase their changes of finding love. However, that means there's also the flip side of that situation: As wonderful as it is to begin multiple relationships, it leaves everyone open to the possibility of multiple breakups. Unfortunately for Derek Peth, he was dumped more than once during Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise, and during the Sept. 2 episode, he broke up with the show itself. So, why did Derek leave Bachelor in Paradise? After getting his heart broken so many times, he didn't want to stick it out anymore.

Derek started out this season of Bachelor in Paradise dating Demi Burnett. They were pretty much attached at the hip for the first few episodes of Season 6, but Demi was conflicted because she also had feelings for the woman she'd been dating before Paradise, Kristian Haggerty. She decided to break things off with Derek, telling him it had nothing to do with him, but instead was about her feelings for someone else. After Kristian and Demi became and official couple in Paradise, Derek started pursuing another contestant, Tayshia Adams. It seemed like things could be moving in a strong direction for them (with the exception of Derek's ongoing feud with John Paul Jones) until Tayshia decided to take Derek to the side for a talk. That's when Derek found himself in a very familiar conversation.

After Tayshia told JPJ to pursue dates with other women in Week 4, it seemed like she was maybe going to give things a go with Derek. However, in the Sept. 2 episode, she sat Derek down to tell him she just didn't feel like he was the one for her. She said they connected on a number of levels — especially when it came to their relationship histories, since she's been married and he's been engaged — but that wasn't enough to make Tayshia sure he was the one. She told him she thought there might be other people for him still in Paradise, but, Derek wasn't too sure.

Clearly, Derek was pretty upset to be getting turned down yet again. "It seems like when I finally click with somebody, they run away," he said. "All I want is someone to reciprocate."

After his tough conversation with Tayshia, Derek decided to gather his fellow contestants together for an announcement. He told them:

This is really hard, to talk to a group of people who I've grown so close to. I thank all of you guys for all the friendships that I've built here. But unfortunately, this time for me, that's all I've been able to build. I'm actually gonna head out now. I love so many of you in so many ways. Thank you all.

Both Demi and Tayshia were upset to see Derek go since they both had been part of his struggle to find lasting love. But in the end, their relationships with Derek weren't right for them, and the friendships of Paradise weren't enough for him to stay.

Following his tearful exit, Derek tweeted a short yet hopeful message to his fans.

Here's to Derek's journey to find love, either on-screen or off. At least there's still his podcast.

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Sept. 3, on ABC.