Dean's Reason For Leaving 'Bachelor In Paradise' Is Honestly Pretty Sad


Bachelor in Paradise is no stranger to bursts of drama, but this week's rose ceremony delivered a shocker to both the cast and viewers. After giving a rose to Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Dean Unglert decided to leave the beach, breaking Caelynn's heart. Why did Dean leave Bachelor in Paradise Season 6? He realized he couldn't give Caelynn what he wanted in their relationship.

After becoming a fan-favorite contestant on Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette season, Dean headed to Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise, creating a love triangle that now looks like a cakewalk compared to Blake Horstmann's Season 6 situation. He returned for Season 6 a little more mature and wiser (and mustachioed) after experiencing a vagabond lifestyle spent in a van. He quickly gravitated toward Caelynn upon arrival, and while Caelynn was a little cautious about dealing with Dean's reputation, they stuck to each other like glue as the season progressed.

In the past, Dean jokingly faked out Caelynn about going on other dates, so when Aug. 26's episode began, their relationship still appeared to be smooth sailing. "I'm truly surprised at how strong my feelings are for him," Caelynn said.

Demi Burnett later warned Caelynn of Dean being a heartbreaker. "He has a way of making people feel really special," she told her. Caelynn was willing to believe Dean had changed, but Demi and bartender Wells Adams weren't so convinced, encouraging her to "lay down the law" with him about her feelings and desire for a real relationship.


"I didn't come here to literally date another Blake," Caelynn told cameras. "I need to challenge myself and challenge Dean and just have a serious conversation with him ... I just want to know if it's safe to feel the way I'm feeling."

Taking Dean aside, Caelynn asked him to gauge where they were as a couple. "I think your reputation has people worried," she said.

Dean made it clear that while he was enjoying their time together, a serious relationship with "dinner parties and talking about our emotions" didn't appeal to him. "I think you'd be miserable as my girlfriend," he told her.

"I think your mind's made up, that [our relationship's] going to stop after Paradise," Caelynn said sadly.

After this conversation, Caelynn wondered if it'd be safer for her to call things off with Dean, but she didn't make a move. Ahead of the rose ceremony, Caelynn admitted she'd never feel fully confident about her bond with Dean before eliminations. She was nervous about Dean having the upper hand at the rose ceremony, especially since it was her birthday. Despite Dean being at the helm of her birthday tribute, Caelynn still wished he could be in a different mindset.

During the rose ceremony, Caelynn received a rose from Dean, but trouble brewed in Paradise immediately after.

In a private conversation at the start of the Aug. 27 episode, Dean said, "I think that you're an amazing, awesome person ... I thought that I was coming in and just have fun and I didn't expect to have an actual, real connection with someone ... but you know my weird history with this ... I know I won't be able to get to where you need me to be at the end of this."

Dean thought an early exit was for best for him, but Caelynn wasn't pleased. "Our lifestyles aren't going to be compatible after this," he pointed out. "I just think you deserve someone better than me."

"It's just frustrating that you are making that decision for me," Caelynn said. "I was hopeful that you were gonna try."

Without even a hug, Caelynn headed back to the group while Dean left the beach. "I thought he was my forever and it blindsided me," Caelynn tearfully told cameras. Meanwhile, in his exit limo, Dean didn't have anything to say for himself.

Welp, nothing can quite live up to that Season 4 love triangle, but consider this birthday bombshell another blunder in Dean's Paradise playbook.

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, Sept. 2, on ABC.