Why Did Blake Lively Delete Her Instagram Posts? Don't freak out, there is a legitimate reason behin...

Blake Lively Totally Wiped Her Instagram, But There’s A Reason Why

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Blake Lively fans saw a very empty Instagram account on Saturday, Nov. 16 and were wondering why Blake Lively deleted her Instagram posts. Almost all of her photos are gone at the time of this publication, with just one video post remaining. Some are probably really missing all of the Ryan Reynolds pics, but there is a real reason that Lively has removed her content from her page.

When you have over 25 million followers, deleting all of your content seems counter-intuitive, but not for Lively. It's not that the 32-year-old actor wanted to strip her Instagram account bare for personal reasons or anything remotely negative. In fact, Lively has done this before. Back in April 2018, Lively deleted every photo on her Instagram. The reason then is the same reason now: she's trying to promote her next movie and it's a genius media strategy. In 2018, she was promoting her movie A Simple Favor, and the move made a ton of sense considering she was playing a woman who went missing.

The only post left on Lively's Instagram is a trailer for her upcoming movie, The Rhythm Section, that she originally shared in September 2019. The Rhythm Section is set to hit theaters on Jan. 31, 2020. Obviously, Lively knows how to make social media work for her, because now that's she's removed all of her posts and gotten everyone talking, there is most likely going to be a huge increase in search traffic for the new flick.

The Rhythm Section also stars Jude Law and Sterling K. Brown, while Lively plays an international spy named Stephanie Patrick. The plot sounds pretty heavy, as Patrick is seeking revenge and the truth behind a plane crash that took the lives of her family.

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Back on Aug. 7, Lively warmed our hearts when she trolled her hubby Reynolds at his own event. While attending Reynolds' event for his new brand, Aviation Gin, Lively uploaded a hilarious selfie with friends, captioned: "The look on our faces = when you all go to a party just for the free food," despite the fact that it was her husband's first entrepreneurial endeavor and launch party.

TBH, though, the couple has done this sort of trolling multiple times and it never ever gets old.

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Lively is married to a smart business man, but it would appear that she herself knows way more than a thing or two about how to market her career. The stunt of deleting her posts created the same buzz in 2018, so she's learned that — though it's a bit unconventional — this is a legit effective way to market her new movie.