This Theory For Why So Many Celebs Are Getting Engaged After 2 Months Dating Will Scare You


Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are the latest additions to the list of celebrity couples who have gotten engaged in a flash in 2018. (Oh, you didn't hear they were engaged? LOL, they are. Try your best to keep up.) Before them, it was Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. And before them, it was Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. Why are so many celebs getting engaged? And at lightning speed? Are these millennial celebrities onto something the rest of us haven't been told?! What do they know?! According to a Twitter user's theory, they're all shacking up due to something they're not telling us.

There must be something in the water all of these celebrities are drinking because it seems like every time I turn around, a different celebrity couple that's only been dating for a few months have suddenly decided their significant other of three minutes is the love of their life. A source revealed to E! News on July 27 that Nick Jonas reportedly proposed to Priyanka Chopra on her birthday last week in London. They've only been dating for a few months after being friends for about a year.

Earlier this month, Justin Bieber confirmed he proposed to Hailey Baldwin. They've also only been dating for a few months, but have been on-again, off-again for quite a while.

Then, in probably the most infamous celebrity engagement in recent memory, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson got engaged after just a few weeks of dating — and mere weeks after they'd both announced they'd ended their longterm relationships with their exes Mac Miller and Cazzie David. Their relationship became public knowledge near the end of May, and by June 11, their engagement was announced. Someone, please tell me what the f*cking f*ck is going on.

Twitter user @andreagonram shared a theory on July 27 that she believes is the only explanation for this madness. And honestly, these aforementioned engagements are so hard to believe that I've just decided to say to hell with logic, anything is possible in this year of our Lord 2018.

The tweet said, "A theory that’s been shared with me and I agree with is that all these celebs are rushing to get married because they have insider info that the world is ending and they want a spot on the bunkers to survive the apocalypse." TBH, that's legit enough for me to believe.

Us non-famous people are having a hard time figuring out how the heck celebrities can decide the person they're dating is a good one to lock down so fast.

It would make a lot of sense if it were just smart planning for the apocalypse! How prudent! "Oh, you guys are all getting married because the rescue plan for the apocalypse is a whole Noah's arc vibe? Haaaaa! Smart thinkin' there! See you guys later!" *Dies in the apocalypse two days later because she was single.*

In all seriousness, I don't blame Chopra, Jonas, Grande, Davidson, Bieber, or Baldwin for all getting engaged so fast. The world is tumultuous AF right now, so why the hell not hold onto joy and love wherever you can find it? BE JOYFUL, MY QUESTIONABLY DECISIVE LOVEBIRDS. (But plz save me a seat at your wedding — or on your spaceship out of the apocalypse haha. OK love you all, bye.)