There’s A New Mystery At The End Of ’Riverdale’s Midseason Finale & We Want Answers


The Black Hood mystery may be solved, but it looks like there is still some shady person creeping around Riverdale. The midseason finale of Riverdale dropped a major new mystery in viewers' laps right at the end after finally unmasking the show's mysterious serial killer, and now fans have more questions than ever as the increasingly dark series disappears for winter hiatus. So let's just get into it: who is taking photos of Archie and Veronica on Riverdale and why? Spoiler alert: Don't read on until you have seen Season 2 Episode 9 of Riverdale, "Silent Night, Deadly Night."

The midseason finale of Riverdale may have given us an answer to the show's major question of this season by unmasking the Black Hood, but one quick scene outside Archie's house towards the very end seems to be hinting at a new potential villain ready to torment the town. As Archie and Veronica kiss under the mistletoe, we see a hidden cameraperson snap a couple shots of the young lovers. What could this quick moment possibly mean? Well, clearly someone is interested in keeping tabs on Archie or Veronica, or possibly even more specifically on their relationship. After all, Varchie has been on the rocks lately, so maybe this stalker is just trying to keep up with the rollercoaster on-again-off-again romance.

Since the mystery photographer seems to be interested in Archie and Veronica's relationship, a little refresher on the wildly changing romantic dynamics within our Core Four is in order. For most of the season, Archie has been dating Veronica and Betty has been dating Jughead, but that all changed at F.P. Jones' party with the Southside Serpents, which ended in a heartbreaking double-breakup: Jughead wanted to keep Betty away from his growing Serpents life and Veronica admitted she couldn't say she loves Archie like he does her. With everyone on their own, Betty and Archie began growing closer again, and even shared a kiss midway through the latest episode, but they didn't really talk about or dwell on it after it happened since they were still focused on catching the Black Hood. After exchanging heartfelt Christmas gifts that they bought for one another pre-breakup, Archie and Veronica reunite and kiss on his front porch, while our mysterious photog watched on.

So who is watching them? Obviously we have been seeing Betty growing closer to Archie, and it looks like she is about to start tapping into her dark side yet again, as she holds the black hood up to her face before the credits. But it doesn't really feel like Betty Cooper to be motivated so extremely by a crush, and besides, the scene made it seem like Betty was burning her Black Hood evidence at the same time that Varchie was reuniting.

The more likely suspect, in my mind, is someone that has been hired by Hiram and Hermione Lodge, Veronica's parents. Earlier in the episode, we saw Veronica agree to be more involved in her parents' dubious deeds, wanting to finally get the whole truth about what her mom and dad are up to in Riverdale. Surprisingly, Hiram and Hermione agreed to let Veronica in on their plans (which we the viewers are still left in the dark about), but it sure doesn't seem like they really wanted to. Perhaps now that Veronica knows more of the Lodge family's secrets, her parents are keeping a closer eye on her to be sure she doesn't let anything slip.

Whatever is going on, it definitely means there is going to be a whole lot more drama and mystery when Riverdale returns from winter hiatus. The show will return next month on Jan. 17, 2018.