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Who You Should Unfollow On Instagram In 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Instagram is meant to be fun, entertaining, spontaneous, and unique... even though many pics that instantly grab our attention are plandids. But, each new year is a time for new beginnings. New Year's Day is the perfect time to cleanse our souls and start anew. That being said, there are people who you should unfollow on Instagram based on your zodiac sign because those people are toying with you in more ways than one.

We all know that our specific zodiac signs have different characteristics, but they also have triggers. You know exactly what I'm talking about. You're scrolling through your feed, and you see that one person doing that very thing that makes your blood boil or rubs you the wrong way, but you continue to follow them. Why do we pledge this subliminal devotion to things that bother us? Beats me.

Let's coin 2018 as the year we reclaim the things we want to digest on the internet. As far as Instagram is concerned, it's time for each zodiac to do some spring cleaning. We don't know what sort of ride this year is going to take us on, but before we buckle up, there are a few peeps that need to be unfollowed on Instagram, according to your zodiac sign.

Aries, Ditch That Person Who Can't Stop Bragging

People have a way of over-fantasizing their accomplishments, Aries. You are a natural trailblazer with a slightly competitive spirit. Stop comparing yourself to the people who are bragging about every single one of their "accomplishments" on your feed.

Taurus, Ditch That Person Who Doesn't Pay For All Of Those Cute Clothes

Fashion and clothes promoters are getting smart, aren't they, my Taurus friends? You follow these dope pages with ladies who get to wear these nice clothes for free, and they likely get paid for it. Your wallet will appreciate you leaving a few of them behind.

Gemini, Drop That Person Who's Sliding Into Your DMs Because You've Got Them In Limbo

Oh, Gemini friends. Those Jedi mind games come in handy at times, but just unfollow the poor chaps trying to pinpoint the angle you're giving them. Maybe they were interesting at first, but you've fed your curiosity enough. We can all be indecisive at times, but it's time to cut them loose.

Cancer, Unfollow That Person Who's Insensitive About Everything

Why do people think just because they post something incredibly insensitive on the internet, it's automatically funny? It's understandable, Cancer. But, enough is enough, and maybe they'll learn from that unfollow button.

Leo, Nobody Needs A Person Who Comments Wisecracks On Your Selfies

Leo, that candid selfie was everything, but because that person knows how much you adore that "you" time, they find a reason to sabotage with a sly comment. Thank the freedom of internet usage for that. Leave them in 2017, because you can!

That Person Who Puts All Of Their Business On The 'Gram, But It Isn't Your Concern, Virgo

It's not hard for you to analyze any given situation, Virgo. And if someone is basically handing you the lowdown of their life on Instagram, why not dissect away? Interpreting their digital footprint won't do anything for ya.

Libra, Drop That Person Who's Never Gonna Stop Posting Fight Videos

Libra, you're all about justice, balance, and peace. That person who constantly posts those loud and obnoxious fight videos is throwing you off. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Scorpio, That Ex Of Yours Needs To Be In The Past

Scorpios, you just want the truth, huh? You're no stranger to researching and finding it, either. Your ex is posting about their life without you in it — so what? What you had was the past and it's time for something new.

Sagittarius, Nobody Likes That Person Who Takes Indirect Shots At Them

Sag, that person has you acting all out of character because they know how to subliminally get under your skin. Before you know it, you're in a full-blown social media argument, and we all know that those don't get anyone anywhere. Save yourself the torment.

Capricorn, That Person Who Always Finds A Seat At Your Pity Party Needs To Get The Boot

You're good at managing your life, so why invite any negative people into it? People who are quick to predict more rain headed to your parade are not good company, Capricorn. You need people who express gratitude in your corner. Keep looking up, but don't invite the party poopers.

Aquarius, Ditch That Person Whose Only Adventure Is From Their Couch

The world is full of possibilities and you know this, Aquarius. Follow those people who are exploring those beautifully hidden gems of the world. That person posting "exhibition" pics from their sofa will be there when you get back, and they bore you anyway, so ditch them when it feels right.

Pisces, That Person Who Didn't Sign Your High School Yearbook Doesn't Deserve Your Follow

Just because you and that person go way back doesn't mean it's a past you like or cherish. No one likes people bringing out those skeletons in the closet, Pisces. This person is a past you can do without.

The new year is all about cleansing and renewal. Freshening up your Instagram feed will replenish you in more ways than one.