Angela Bassett, Jessica Lange, and Kathy Bates in 'American Horror Story', possibly to be reunited f...

'AHS' Season 10 Could Reunite Fan-Favorite Cast Members From Past Seasons


Along with twisted stories featuring modern-day witch trials, human-bull hybrids, and home intruders dressed in latex bodysuits, American Horror Story has given its viewers some of the best performances on television. I mean, who could forget Jessica Lange, whose dazzling performance as Constance Langdon in Murder House won her Golden Globe and Emmy awards? Or what about AHS mainstay Sarah Paulson? Or Evan Peters, Emma Roberts, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Lady Gaga? You get it — the list is long. Now, imagine all of those fan-favorites getting cast in AHS Season 10 together — sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that actually might be exactly what creator Ryan Murphy has in store for viewers.

Following an uncharacteristically uplifting Season 9 finale, Deadline spoke with Murphy to discuss not only what went down in 1984, but also some things to look forward to for the show’s tenth season. The creator revealed he’s already come up with a theme for AHS Season 10, and said he thinks people will love it because “it’s about reuniting fan-favorite actors to come back.”

Murphy went on to explain that he’s been actively reaching out to the show’s former actors, and said every star he's spoken to so far has said they would like to return. Murphy added that he still hasn’t reached out to everyone he's interested in having back, because he’s not sure if he has a role for them yet. However, considering his talents, it’s safe to assume he’ll figure out a creative way to write in anyone he wants.


While it’s too soon to say for sure would be coming back, Murphy said the people who “helped build this show into what it is” have been contacted and are interested. He also gave a hint about where the fans should look to try and figure out the potential cast: "If you look at the iconography of the first three seasons, you can figure who I’ve gone to and who might be coming back."

One of those mainstays from the AHS early days is Lange, who was a regular early on in the series. Though said in September that she won't return to AHS, fans are still holding out hope that they'll see her in the franchise again.

Paulson is another longtime cast member fans would love to see come back. The actor has been in every season of AHS from the beginning — until, 1984, that is. In October, she told TV Guide she’d love to return to the show, but there was one very sweet caveat to the deal: “I miss Evan [Peters] and I miss acting with Evan," she said of fellow AHS fan-favorite. "If he'll come back, I'm back." Other AHS actors from early seasons have yet to comment on their futures with the series, but things sound promising.

On a less exciting note, Murphy added that he wishes to make the reunion happen, mostly because Season 10 may be the show’s last hurrah. Don’t start panicking and farewell-marathoning all the seasons just yet, though. In October, Murphy told EW that, technically, the show could “go for 20 years,” and he reiterated that sentiment in his latest Deadline interview. Basically, Murphy said Season 10 could be the last of the series just because that's the last season he's under contract to do with FX. But he also added that 1984 has been the franchise's biggest and most critically-acclaimed one yet, so it’d be odd if FX decided to pull the plug.

The exact air date for Season 10 hasn't been announced yet, but it’ll probably come sometime in the fall of 2020. This means there's plenty of time to watch the series' earlier seasons and get a refresher on those iconic stars that made the show what it is, until they all (hopefully) return to the AHS family.