'AHS: 1984' may have hinted at the theme for Season 10.

Fans Think 'AHS: 1984' Majorly Hinted At The Theme For Season 10


As one season of American Horror Story draws to an end, the diehard fans of the franchise begin the process of theorizing about the next spine-tingling theme the series will tackle. Showrunner Ryan Murphy loves to hide little clues about new topics he wants to explore in each season, so fans have been on high alert to figure out what AHS Season 10 will be about. By now, the fandom has a couple very convincing theories.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from AHS: 1984 Episode 8, "Rest in Pieces." AHS fans have known for a while now that 1984's penultimate episode would be a big one in setting up the future of the franchise. Last month, Murphy told TV Guide that Episode 8 would include a big clue about Season 10's theme. Now that the episode has aired, fans have a couple different theories about which scenes could have set up the upcoming season.

One prominent theory that's popped up on social media has to do with how the new character Stacy introduced herself to Brooke and Donna. The fictional National Enquirer reporter pointed out that while the 1970s had been all about urban legends like Bigfoot, aliens, and the Loch Ness Monster, the '80s had shifted the country's macabre fascination to serial killers. The brief line stood out to viewers, and has a lot of fans thinking it could have been a hint that Season 10 will be all about urban legends.

But that was not the only scene that seemed suspicious to fans hunting for Season 10 clues. Dylan McDermott's character Bruce also had a big standout moment when he ranted and raved about makeup company Mary Kay basically being on track to taking over the world.

A pretty convincing fan theory that popped up after Bruce's rant and Stacy's mention of aliens is that Season 10 may be about "pod people" in multi-level marketing. Fans have been waiting for AHS to bring back the aliens that were briefly seen in AHS: Asylum for years — a lot of fans even predicted Season 9 would center on aliens before the theme was revealed as 1984. Bruce's conspiracy about Mary Kay could be the perfect gateway into an alien-themed season, which could focus on aliens either infiltrating the multi-level marketing giant as a way to take over the world, or possibly creating "pod people" to do their bidding within the organization.


Since the rest of Episode 8 was all about the characters at Camp Redwood going about their usual, murderous lives, these two scenes do stand out as the most likely candidates for the clues about Season 10 that Murphy hinted at. That said, it is almost impossible to predict with certainty where AHS will go in its new season — nobody knew 1984 was coming, after all. These theories about urban legends, multi-level marketing, and aliens all do seem pretty convincing, though, and totally within the AHS wheelhouse.

Hopefully, the AHS: 1984 finale will drop some more hints to fuel the Season 10 theorizing, since fans will have to wait months before Murphy reveals the new theme. The final episode of AHS: 1984 will air Wednesday, Nov. 13, at 10 p.m. ET on FX.