'AHS' Fans Think They Know The Next Season Theme After The 'Apocalypse' Finale


The end of another season of American Horror Story can only mean one thing — it's time to start theorizing about the theme for next season! AHS: Apocalypse ended with a familiar cliffhanger in Wednesday night's season finale, and some fans think that the new season may pick up another loose thread from AHS seasons past: aliens. Will AHS Season 9 be alien-themed? Let's get into some of the theories fans have for next season.

Spoiler alert: This post will contain details from the season finale of AHS: Apocalypse. Throughout the run of Apocalypse, eagle-eyed fans have been trying to notice any possible clues about what the Season 9 theme could be. Although there have been a bunch of ideas, the most prominent theory is that the upcoming season will focus on aliens. After all, where else can you go after you destroy the earth? AHS star Evan Peters has famously been pitching an outer space season for a while now, and this might finally be the time that it happens.

One of the major reasons that fans are looking to aliens as the big theme for next season is the final scene of Apocalypse. Fans were confused about what was so important about new characters Timothy (Kyle Allen) and Emily (Ash Santos) for pretty much all of this season. Apocalypse started with Timothy and Emily being taken to Outpost 3 during the apocalypse, with both of them being told that they were being save due to their "special DNA." That remained totally unexplained until the final moments of the season finale, when we saw Timothy and Emily get together and spawn a second antichrist.


Apparently, their "special DNA" meant they had the perfect genes to give birth to an antichrist. But this raised some eyebrows among AHS fans, since Murder House explained that the antichrist would likely be born from parents who are more than just human.

A prominent fan theory throughout Apocalypse has been that Timothy and Emily are descendants of Kit Walker, Evan Peters' character in AHS: Asylum. In the finale of Asylum, Kit was abducted by aliens along with his two wives Alma and Grace, and they returned to earth with two children who were destined to "change the world one day." With all the talk of Timothy and Emily's special DNA, it sure does sound likely that they could both be partially alien.

So, how would this lead into another season of AHS? A fan theory that blew up on Reddit after the Apocalypse finale makes the case for a battle between Satan and the aliens over who gets Timothy and Emily's baby. Now, this may seem kind of unlikely to some fans, since American Horror Story never directly continues a storyline from one season to another, but given that there is still such a big question mark over Timothy and Emily, a season about aliens could make sense. Plus, it could give us a chance to check back in with some fan-favorite Asylum characters, since crossover seasons are all the rage now.