Here's Everyone Who Went Home On 'Bachelor In Paradise' In Week 4


By the end of Week 4 of Bachelor in Paradise, the women were at risk of being sent home from their tropical search for love. Following the dramatic additions of several new contestants, the men of Paradise had some tough decisions at hand, but another heartbreaking exit may be coming up sooner rather than later. Who went home on Week 4 of Bachelor in Paradise? Dean Unglert may be starting to doubt his time on the beach after giving out his rose, but Caitlin Clemmens, Tahzjuan Hawkins, and Jen Saviano were the ones who were sent packing.

Their time in Mexico was short-lived, as they all arrived very soon before their eliminations. For Jen and Caitlin, Paradise was initially smooth sailing. (Well, apart from Jen's rocky sailing date with Chris Bukowski.) Caitlin considered pursuing a relationship with former hot commodity Blake Horstmann, while Jen's date with Chris turned around once they returned to solid ground.

However, both men felt conflicted about their feelings, as Blake seemingly struck a pact with Kristina Schulman to exchange "friendship roses" and Chris was torn between Jen and his original Paradise love interest, Katie Morton. While Kristina rested on the confidence that Blake wasn't into Caitlin as much as she was into him, Chris decided to take a chance on Katie, feeling strongly about their bond.


Blake and Chris ultimately gave roses to the original women they had paired with, leaving an understandably upset Caitlin and Jen in the dust. As for Tahzjuan, a date with John Paul Jones put her in a great mood that was quickly soiled when Haley Ferguson arrived in Paradise and swept JPJ away. The Mexican heat also got to Tahzjuan as she poked at Haley after their dates, calling her a "pigeon." She self-identified as a "seagull" in her fight for John Paul Jones' heart, but this bird lost out on a rose when JPJ realized he still liked Tayshia Adams. He ended up giving his rose to Haley, after Derek gave his to Tayshia.

Meanwhile, Dean was enjoying his time with Caelynn, but when she asked for his take on how they'd last outside of Paradise, he admitted that a serious relationship wasn't his thing. "I think you'd be miserable as my girlfriend," he told her early in the week. Not exactly what romantic dreams are made of.

Still feeling shaky about Dean's seriousness ahead of the rose ceremony, Caelynn had hope he'd pick her at the rose ceremony. He did, but after the ceremony, his doubt became more obvious. Speaking to cameras, he revealed, "Everything is going well, everything is going right, but she wants a relationship and I don't know if I can offer that."

Taking Caelynn aside immediately after the rose ceremony, Dean began what looked like a serious conversation, but fans will have to wait and see how if this dramatic moment affects his status on the beach. Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Aug. 27, on ABC.