These Tweets About Chris & Jen's Date On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Are SO On Point


Not every Bachelor in Paradise date can go smoothly, and in Chris Bukowski and Jen Saviano's case, they initially faced rocky waters on their first date together. Already feeling nervous about leaving Katie Morton behind to pursue Jen, Chris' stomach didn't react well to their sailing activity. These tweets about Chris and Jen's date on Bachelor in Paradise sum up just how cringe-y the day was.

Soon after Katie encouraged longtime Paradise beau Chris to go on dates with other women, Paradise Season 3 veteran Jen Saviano entered the beach. Chatting with Blake Horstmann and Dean Unglert for a bit, Jen set her sights on Chris, who was a little shaken after Katie gave the go-ahead for him to pursue other relationships. As fans saw, Katie did this impulsively, and later cried about her fear of self-sabotaging and ruining her bond with Chris. Still reluctant to move past Katie, Chris agreed to go out with Jen, but their day together took a turn pretty quickly.

The pair ended up on a catmaran (a type of sailboat) with the obligatory Bachelor accessory of champagne nearby. After soaking in the sun for a little bit, Chris started feeling nauseous from the boat's rocking, and he lost his lunch right over the side of the watercraft. Remember when Hannah Brown got sick on a Bachelorette sailing date the day before Jed Wyatt proposed? Your body knows things, Bachelor Nation.

This nautical activity quickly came to an end, but not before fans on Twitter voiced their thoughts about Chris' seasickness.

Their date improved when they returned to the beach and Chris took Jen aside for a do-over date on solid ground. Chris complimented Jen's maturity and they both agreed they had a lot in common, but instead of finding the clarity he thought time with another woman would provide, Chris was more confused.

Later, he shared the date's happenings with Katie, who wanted to backtrack on her past remark and officially go all in on their relationship. "I'm gonna be completely honest. I want to be with you," she told him. "You make me happy."

Despite what his buddy Derek Peth told Katie about his strong feelings, Chris told her he was still unsure. "There's still something that's missing," he said. "I need to think more on it."

So, it looks like Chris and Katie have put a pause on things, but Twitter is still rooting for them to pull through as a couple.

Chris has yet to comment publicly about his torn feelings, but he did poke fun at becoming sick on his first Paradise date since "retiring' from the franchise in 2015.

Well, there must be a reason why contestants from older seasons don't return often, right? Stay alert, Bachelor alums.

His love life may be unclear, but at least Chris now knows to avoid any boats on future dates in and out of Paradise. Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, Aug. 26, on ABC.