Here's Everyone Who Actually Survived That Wild 'Westworld' Season 2 Finale

by Ani Bundel

Warning: Spoilers for Westworld Season 2 finale follow. Westworld's second season was given HBO's most plum release position for the 2017-2018 calendar year, right in the old Game of Thrones slot, from mid-April to the end of June, with the finale airing the night before Emmy voting closes for the year. The show also seemed to take another cue from HBO's flagship series, racking up the deaths throughout the 90-minute finale, killing off host and human alike throughout the episode. But this is Westworld, where there are multiple simulation realities, and many brains are printable from back up. So who survived the Westworld Season 2 finale? And who will find themselves restored by the Season 3 premiere?

Let's run through the list in descending order:

Definitely Dead

Lee Sizemore: The moment Lee insisted on coming with Maeve and company to get to the Door, there was no way he'd make it to the end of the episode. After all, the others in the group could cross. The only reason for him to come along would be to allow the others to get away, at the cost of his own life. At least fans finally got to hear the speech from the Season 1 premiere Sizemore was so proud of, in full, and delivered by the man who wrote it. Shakespeare would have been proud.

Elsie Hughes: Elsie's death was great because it was so unexpected. When Elsie seemed to agree to work for Charlotte for a promotion, it seemed like a reminder every human has a price. But Elsie was lying to get access, and unfortunately, Charlotte knew it. The only good to come out of Elsie's demise was it helped Bernard see the truth about the situation. Even if hosts get human allies, those allies are susceptible to being gunned down by bad actors.

Robert Ford: When Bernard erased the virus code in his programming, he erased the last of Ford. Ford now only exists in Bernard's memories.

Charlotte: Shot down by her own host. Totally deserved it too.


Everyone else survived in some fashion. Speaking of Bernard, let's now move to:

Dead Here, Not There

Bernard: Bernard was inspired by Elsie's death to bring back Dolores, and in a nice ironic twist, stick her inside Charlotte's spare host body, which then gunned down the real thing in order to take her place and escape the island. But before Dolores-Charlotte left, she killed Bernard in the park, leaving him to only exist in the safety of simulation.

Dolores: The Dolores, as fans knew her, is dead. The Evan Rachel Wood body was gunned down. That Dolores only exists now in a safe simulation world Ford created for her and Bernard to be safe in, as she works to put her plan in motion, from inside the Charlotte host body.

Emily: She actually died for real last week, but the post-credits sequence showed her mind and personality carry on inside a reality made by William, where his personality is being tested for fidelity ahead of being put inside a host.

Logan: Like Emily, he's been dead a long time, and like Emily, his imprint lives inside the simulation where Delos was tested and remains in testing mode to this day.


Speaking of alternate simulations:

Everyone Who Went Through The Door

This is a big list. A lot of characters escaped, including most of the Ghost Nation, Maeve's kid and her other mom, and most importantly, Teddy. They're all chilling in a new perfect world, where there are no human overlords overseeing them. But how long before a programmer starts digging deep into the code and finds it, and brings all those hosts back?


Most Likely To Be Resurrected

Clementine: She may have been gunned down, but the park is too fond of using her for their terrible schemes.

Angela: She may have been blown to bits in the Cradle, but she's as resurrectable from back up as the rest.

Maeve: Worst of all, it's Felix and Sylvester who will have to bring her back. Team Maeve, takes a licking, keeps on ticking. There's a good chance Hector, Armistice, and Hanaryo will be brought back too. Can we say Season 3 reunion?