Here's The Person You Need To Date In 2019, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

As New Year's Eve grows closer and closer, you might be finalizing plans for the big night, deciding on an outfit, and stocking up on Champagne. Once all the details are arranged, you might then start daydreaming about all of the wonderful things 2019 holds for you. Maybe you'll start a new job, make a new best friend, or fall in love! Personally, I'm wondering who should I date in 2019, and I think my zodiac sign might be able to give me a hint. After all, my zodiac sign helps me be mindful that I'm prone to jealousy, can carry a grudge like nobody's business, and can be a little too intense at times. Managing my Scorpio tendencies helps me calmly navigate the world, instead of, you know, burning it all down!

Since your zodiac sign can give you insight into your personality, traits, and even certain behaviors, it's helpful to know just what your sign is all about. For example, some signs really enjoy long-term relationships, while others are too busy exploring the world to sleep in the same bed two nights in a row. And while both attitudes towards relationships are perfectly healthy and OK, it can also be healthy to challenge yourself to try new things. So, read on for a suggestion as to who you should date this upcoming year, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries (March 21 — April 19)

Aries is competitive, confident, and doesn't shy away from a confrontation. That's why Aries should try dating a pacifist in 2019. Being in a relationship with a person whose knee-jerk reaction is to seek peace and harmony might make Aries rethink their "win at all costs" mentality.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20)

Taurus is organized, goal-oriented, and practical, which makes them a reliable and loyal partner in a relationship. But since Taurus can be a little too comfortable seeing the world clearly in black and white, Taurus should date an artist this next year. An artist might help Taurus to move beyond their self-imposed boundaries and see things in a bit more color.

Gemini (March 21 — May 20)

Gemini is versatile, constantly changing, and energetic, which could be exhausting to some signs, but in 2019, Gemini should date — another Gemini! Together, they can change their minds, their hair color, and their dinner reservations without irritating their partner, since their partner's probably doing the same thing!

Cancer (June 21 — July 22)

Cancer is emotional, sensitive, and sentimental. Cancer is also super protective of their feelings and will require full trust to let someone in. That's why Cancer should date their childhood crush this next year. There's a certain sentimentality to this that will really appeal to Cancer, and what's more romantic than unrequited love? Plus, Cancer will already have the emotional history and comfort with this person, so they can let them into their hard shell a little easier than a total stranger.

Leo (July 23 — August 22)

Leo loves the spotlight, is gregarious, and is the biggest charmer in the room. Leo loves being loved, so that's why, in 2019, Leo should date their biggest fan. Why not?! Leo thrives on adoration and attention, and dating someone who's completely smitten with them is totally their dream come true! And shouldn't we all be living our dreams?!

Virgo (Aug. 23 — Sept. 22)

Virgo is devoted, reliable, and steady. They're selfless and will make sure their partner has everything they need before taking care of themselves. In 2019, Virgo should date their friend with benefits, because this person already has experienced and appreciates Virgo's consistency and kindness. Virgo will like the foundation of intimacy and the comfort of routine, and actually dating their FWB will make a lot of sense.

Libra (Sept. 23 — Oct. 22)

Libra is fair, even-keeled, and balanced. Libra isn't afraid to speak up for what is right, and to fight for what they deserve. That's why Libra should date the one that got away. Libra is also an emotional sign, so revisiting a relationship that ended prematurely or is unresolved will be very satisfying for them.

Scorpio (Oct. 22 — Nov. 21)

Scorpio is passionate, intense, and loves a challenge, so they should date a perfect stranger. A single Scorpio has a laundry list of reasons why they don't want to date the single people they already know, so a complete stranger holds a certain allure for them. A perfect stranger is a mystery that Scorpio can't wait to discover.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 — Dec. 21)

Sagittarius is brainy, loves adventure, and constantly wants to travel and seek new experiences. Since they value knowledge above all else, Sagittarius should date an intellectual rival. Maybe this is just a person who finishes the crossword faster than they do, or perhaps this is someone with whom they've had intense intellectual debates. Either way, that brainy stimulation might translate to a very passionate dynamic!

Capricorn (Dec. 22 — Jan. 19)

Capricorn is logical, prudent, and calm. Capricorn enters every situation fully prepared, and will tread carefully until they know they're safe and all is well. So shake things up, Capricorn should date a wild child this next year. Capricorn could learn to fly by the seat of their pants, walk into a restaurant without a reservation, and just maybe take a trip without making every single arrangement ahead of time.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 — Feb. 18)

Aquarius is loyal, passionate, and values friendship above all else. They are intellectual, and usually seek to find a partner who compliments them instead of completes them. That's why Aquarius should date an adventurer in 2019! An adventurer will be confident, experienced, and able to match Aquarius' intellect and curiosity about the world.

Pisces (Feb. 19 — March 20)

Pisces is trusting, emotional, and intuitive, and are always willing to help others. Pisces isn't afraid of being alone, and actually prefers sleeping by themselves instead of wrapped up in their partner's arms. That's why Pisces should consider dating a lone wolf. Sometimes Pisces can feel smothered by an overly-attentive partner, and a lone wolf will need alone time just as much as Pisces does.

Whether you find a partner with a complimentary sign or a challenging sign to yours, keep in mind that we're all different and we form our personalities based on our life experiences. However you choose to interpret your sign, consider giving this dating guide a shot in the new year. You never know — 2019 might just be the best year yet!

his post was originally published on Dec. 26, 2018. It was updated on Sept. 6, 2019 by Elite Daily Staff.