Archie Is Getting Into Some Dark Business On 'Riverdale' & Trouble Is Brewing

by Dylan Kickham

Ummm, guys... what is Archie even doing anymore? Remember when his big dilemma was trying to choose between football and music? Well, those days are long gone, because now he's like, legitimately in the freaking mafia! And also kind of part of the FBI, I think. Wednesday night's new episode of Riverdale saw Archie sinking even deeper into his secret career as a double agent, possibly even flipping to becoming a triple agent (that's a thing, right?). The end of the episode had fans wondering who shot Papa Poutine on Riverdale, and more importantly, exactly where do Archie's allegiances lie? Spoiler alert: Don't read on until you have seen Riverdale Season 2 Episode 12 "The Wicked and the Divine" for yourself.

Riverdale went full The Godfather on this week's new episode, following Archie Andrews' descent into Hiram Lodge's criminal underworld. Initially, Archie was attempting to get close to Hiram as part of his secret alliance with the FBI to try to expose his crimes and take him down, but Archie's allegiances may have changed. By the end of the episode, Archie had lied to Agent Adams to protect Hiram, and then even warned Hiram that some of his fellow mafia bigwigs were planning a hit on him. It certainly seems like Archie is siding with Hiram Lodge rather than Agent Adams, flipping on the whole reason that he got involved in the mafia in the first place.

Even more alarming, Archie's actions led to a death. His first real job with Hiram Lodge's mob is to serve as a waiter for Hiram's poker night with a group of fellow mob bosses. There, he is introduced to Papa Poutine, a particularly nasty crime lord who got his nickname from the string of poutine restaurants he owns in Canada. Immediately, we know that this guy sucks because he is super rude to Pop Tate, who was just trying to make some poutine for him, but he gets even worse when Archie overhears him saying that he is planning to murder Hiram. Archie struggles with this information for a bit, but then decides to tell Hiram what he heard at Veronica's confirmation party the next night. Hiram thanks Archie, makes a phone call, and then we find out that Papa Poutine as been murdered. Hmmm... wonder who did that.

It doesn't take an in-depth Betty Cooper-style investigation to piece together that Hiram Lodge called for a hit on Papa Poutine after Archie told him what he overheard, but the real kicker comes when Agent Adams confronts Archie about the murder. After Adams reveals that Papa Poutine has been shot and killed, he asks Archie if he got any information from the poker night that would help him identify the murderer... and Archie lies to him. Even though he knows full well that Hiram ordered that hit, Archie tells Agent Adams that he has no clue what caused Papa Poutine's murder. So now Archie is protecting Hiram Lodge and lying to the FBI... sounds like he may have switched sides.

The other aspect to all of this is Archie's relationship with Veronica, and the strain this his new job with Hiram Lodge is taking on it. Although Veronica has surprisingly been working closely with her devious parents recently, it seems like she may be changing her tune pretty soon after seeing Archie get more embroiled in their dangerous schemes. In the new episode, Veronica finally comes clean to Archie and admits out loud what literally everyone already knew about her dad: he's part of the mafia. She begs Archie to stop working for him, and tells her dad she doesn't want Archie involved in the family business anymore, but after all that she still sees Archie sneak off with Hiram during her confirmation party, and looks pretty upset about it. Upset enough to end the Varchie relationship? Well, I guess we will find out about that next week.