This Tiny Detail In The '13 Reasons Why' Season 2 Trailer May Reveal The New Narrator


The surprise drop of the 13 Reasons Why teaser was almost as exciting as an unexpected album launch by Beyoncé, and with Season 2 of the Netflix series now announced for May 18, it's time to break down that trailer as much as possible. If you're on your first (or hundredth) rewatch of the teaser, you may have realized that someone is missing from it, and their absence could be a huge hint at what Season 2 will bring. After watching the teaser so carefully and picking up on who isn't there, I have to wonder: Who narrates 13 Reasons Why Season 2?

Refinery29 points out that while many characters are seen in the teaser, Hannah's stalker Tyler is not present in it. When we last sawTyler, played by Devin Druid, he was buying weapons and seemingly making a hit list of his own bullies and the other people mentioned in Hannah's suicide tapes. The troubling scene made fans wonder if Tyler was planning a school shooting, which would definitely fit into 13 Reasons Why's tendency to cover relevant but intense topics for teens.

Tyler also spent Season 1 secretly taking photos of Hannah, which ties in well with the new teaser's plentiful use of polaroids. While you could argue that the polaroids are just a stylistic choice, who else would logistically use polaroids in a modern-day setting? The idea that the polaroids are from Tyler is only more valid based on the message Clay sees on the back of a photo. At the end of the teaser, the polaroid in his hand has "The tapes were just the beginning" written on the back of it.

While Hannah narrated Season 1, the voiceover responsibilities of Season 2 have been less clear. Hannah narrating from beyond the grave is always possible, but given as Kate Walsh confirmed that Season 2 will explore the effects of Hannah's death on the school and community, the use of a new narrator is more likely. The polaroids theme and Tyler seeming like the clear outsider among the students has fans wondering if he could be the new narrator in Season 2. Refinery29 even throws out the theory that if the tapes were Season 1's framing device, perhaps the photos are a new storytelling method for this season.

Rather than explaining his absence in the teaser, Druid left things vague when he mentioned the release date announcement on Twitter. He definitely knows something we don't know.

Easter eggs? Well, time to analyze the teaser even more.

Druid has continued such vagueness about Season 2 in other interviews, telling CNN last month:

We were definitely able to expand on these characters that you don't see as much in the book, and we have some really interesting beginnings of a storyline that we could expand on. There's still the court trial and some plotlines brewing at the end of the series that I know a lot of people on Twitter have been asking about, including my sibling.

Meanwhile, there is plenty of ambiguity about what Hannah's role in Season 2 will entail. Seeing as she's, you know, dead, she can't exactly develop as a character, but there's always the possibility that her story is revisited in flashback footage from other characters' perspectives. Katherine Langford explained Hannah's responsibilities in Season 2 to W magazine in March, saying:

The Hannah that we saw in Season 1, we were able to tell her story fully and she didn't really come back in the same capacity or sort of as the same Hannah. It's a different Hannah that you see in season 2. I think that was challenging, Season 2, for reasons that are different than season 1. But ultimately I'm super grateful to have been asked back, and I think we get to focus on some really important storylines this season of other characters.

With Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why veering away from the book's original material, it's safe to say that we'll be seeing a vastly different show when it returns with new episodes.

Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why premieres on Friday, May 18, on Netflix.