Sue Gilbert's pregnancy in 'Dickinson' is a Season 1 cliffhanger.

This 'Dickinson' Season 1 Finale Moment Could Be A Massive Set-Up For Season 2


It looks like Season 2 of Dickinson is going to be even more twisty and dramatic than the first season, and it's all because of that cliffhanger. Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Season 1 finale of Dickinson. If you have already marathoned your way through all 10 episodes of the show's debut season, then you're probably wondering about the father of Sue's baby in Dickinson. The last twist of the tenth episode seems to be setting up a whole lot of drama for Season 2.

Throughout Season 1 of Dickinson, Sue Gilbert was faced with some incredibly tough decisions. At the beginning of the show, she lost her entire family and home to a fire, which left her destitute. Luckily, she won the affection of the Dickinson family (namely drawing the attention of her best friend Emily and Emily's older brother Ausin), so she had a place to stay. But that affection also introduced another big problem for her: While Sue accepted Austin's marriage proposal, she is also secretly in love with Emily, and the two women had been carrying out a private romance for quite a while. After Austin and Emily's intense love for her became too much much for Sue to handle, she decided to run away from Amherst and make a living in Boston instead, cutting off communication with the Dickinsons entirely.

However, thanks to Emily's melodramatic letters, Sue did eventually return to Amherst under the assumption that Emily was on her deathbed. But in her time away, Emily had actually developed a deep connection with her father's new apprentice Ben Newton, and had also come to terms with Austin's true love for Sue. Instead of reigniting things with her bestie, Emily instead encouraged her to give Austin a chance, and Sue agreed to marry him.


The season ended with Sue and Austin's wedding, and although it was made clear Sue and Emily still love one another, the new union seemed to be a pretty happy one... for now, at least. The finale also introduced a twist that definitely feels like it is meant to set up major drama for Season 2: Sue is pregnant.

The town's dressmaker Betty was the first to notice, pointing out a slight increase in Sue's size during a fitting for her wedding dress, and then Sue told the secret to Emily ahead of the wedding. Nobody else knows yet, but since Lavinia revealed early on that Betty has a reputation as the town's gossip, that could change very soon.

In addition to the threat of Sue's secret becoming public there's another big potential conflict: Sue mysteriously did not reveal who got her pregnant. And that could be an even bigger problem.

There really only seem to be two main options: Either Austin Dickinson is the father, or it's James Keillor, the man Sue lived with in Boston. Honestly, it feels a lot more likely that James is the father, since Sue is not very far along in her pregnancy and she's been away from Austin for months. Plus, Austin being the father would not be a big deal, whereas James as the father would definitely throw a wrench in Austin and Sue's new marriage. Viewers still do not know much at all about James, but the few scenes between James and Sue in Boston suggest he's probably not a great guy.

Thankfully, Dickinson has already been renewed for Season 2, so fans can rest assured that they will see this storyline play out.

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