Hailee Steinfeld's Apple TV+ series 'Dickinson' received a Season 2 order ahead of its Season 1 prem...

Fans Are All Asking This Major Question After Watching 'Dickinson' Season 1

by Dylan Kickham

For anyone who loves teen rom-coms and iconic 19th century poets (there's surprisingly a lot of overlap among these categories), Dickinson was the first new series to hit "play" on when Apple TV+ debuted on Nov. 1. All the episodes came out at once, so by the time fans marathon it all, they're going to be left with the very real, very pressing question of whether there will be a Dickinson Season 2. Luckily, Apple has already given fans an answer.

Even before Apple TV+ dropped, the tech giant confirmed that the slate of four original shows available to viewers on Nov. 1 had all been picked up for a second season. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed these pickups in an Oct. 15 profile on the new service, revealing that Dickinson, See, and For All Mankind would all be getting second seasons. (The Morning Show had already gotten picked up for a second season back when it was first announced at the end of 2017, with Apple showing faith in the star-studded show by picking it up for two seasons right off the bat.)

The news for Dickinson fans gets even better, because The Hollywood Reporter also confirmed that production for Season 2 is already underway. Hopefully that means everyone who already devoured all of Season 1 will be getting the second season relatively soon.

It is easy to see why Apple had enough faith in Dickinson to make it one of its tentpole series and renew it for a second season before Season 1 even aired. The coming-of-age dramedy blends the transportive elements of a period piece with the irreverent, boisterous energy of modern-day pop culture. The result is a version of Emily Dickinson that you certainly did not learn about in school, focusing on her more as a relatable teenage girl than the reserved, serious poet she is so often remembered as.

To bring it all together, the show also centers on a steamy, forbidden romance between Dickinson and her brother's fiancée Sue Gilbert. In reality, scholars believe Emily and Sue may have had a long-running affair, based on the sheer volume of (and unmistakeable passion evidenced in) the love letters they would write to one another. Dickinson amps up this rumored romance as its central love story, showing Emily and Sue sneaking passionate moments to themselves even after Sue became engaged to Emily's older brother Austin.

There's no telling where Season 2 of Dickinson might go, but fans can rest assured that future episodes will likely continue to focus on a different Emily Dickinson poem each time, as Season 1 did. Don't expect to see Dickinson become a famous poet over the course of the show, though — unless the series decides to majorly break off from Dickinson's real story. In reality, Dickinson did not reach the height of her fame until after her death, when the full breadth of her poetry was discovered by her sister Lavinia and finally published.

Dickinson Season 1 is available to stream on Apple TV+ right now, and Season 2 is currently in production.