Ella Hunt plays Sue Gilbert in 'Dickinson'

Here's Everything We Know About Ella Hunt, Who Plays Sue In ‘Dickinson’


Apple's new streaming service certainly made a splash when it debuted on Nov. 1, and its unique and unexpected take on Emily Dickinson's life was a big reason behind that. The new Apple TV+ series Dickinson reimagines the iconic poet's early life through a millennial/Gen Z lens, anachronistically bumping Lizzo and Billie Eilish songs over Dickinson railing against the repressive culture of the 1800s. The series also amps up Dickinson's long-rumored romance with Susan Gilbert, who in the show goes by Sue and is played by Ella Hunt. As one of the most complicated characters in the series, Sue (and Hunt) have viewers pretty intrigued.

Sue and Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) have a passionate love affair, which makes things tricky since Sue became engaged to Emily's brother, Austin, in Episode 1. But it is not only societal standards that keep Emily and Sue apart — Sue is also destitute after suddenly losing her entire family, making marriage to Austin a necessity for her.

Like all of the main characters in Dickinson, Sue was a real person, and it was recently discovered that many of Dickinson's passionate love letters were actually addressed to her, spurring belief that the two women had a long-standing secret affair. Of course, this is played up in Dickinson, and Hunt does a fantastic job of balancing Sue's love for Emily with her need for Austin to provide her with financial stability.

For many viewers, Dickinson may be their first introduction to Hunt. The British actor had a small part in the 2012 film adaptation of Les Misérables, but aside from that, she has mainly been known only in the U.K. up until now. She starred in the 2016 revival of the British series Cold Feet, and in 2017 she helmed the British zombie movie Anna and the Apocalypse, which also showed off her impressive singing voice.

Most recently, Hunt starred in the rom-com Summer Night with Lana Condor and Victoria Justice, which premiered in theaters on July 12. Next up, she will be helming the upcoming comedy Kat and the Band, a U.K. movie in which she will star as a teenager who tricks an up-and-coming band into letting her be their manager.

Dickinson is definitely Hunt's most high-profile project to date, and since she is knocking it out of the park as Sue Gilbert, fans can probably expect to start seeing a lot more of her soon enough.

Dickinson is available to stream now on Apple TV+.