Rob Pattinson Has Moved On From FKA Twigs With This Model, Apparently, & Sorry Robsten Fans

by Jamie LeeLo
David Livingston & Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm going to be honest with you guys. I haven't really thought about what's up with Robert Pattinson in a long time. Ever since he and Kristen Stewart fizzled out in a ball of vampire drama, I just stopped paying attention. I know he was engaged to FKA Twigs, and that was exciting and everything, but they have long-since called things off, too. Now, he's been spotted with someone new, peaking Robert Pattinson fans' interest yet again. Her name is Suki Waterhouse and they look in looove. Oh, who is Suki Waterhouse, you ask? Just a gorgeous young model who is down for a little PDA. Waterhouse's team declined to comment on the reports and Elite Daily did not hear back from Pattinson's team by the time of publication.

Waterhouse, 26, and Pattinson, 32, were spotted laying on some thick public displays of affection in London over the weekend of July 29. According to E! News, the two went to see the film Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again at the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill, followed by some late-night drinks at the SoHo House across the street. As they were leaving for the evening, paparazzi caught some seriously cozy pictures of the two walking down the street. In the photos released by E! News, you can clearly see Pattinson and Waterhouse wrapped up in each other's arms, laughing and kissing. Waterhouse even gives his hand a little smooch, too.

Kinda cute.

An eyewitness told E!, "They were very close and cuddled and kissed many times. Robert was very affectionate to her and had his arm around her the whole way and Suki reciprocated by holding his hand and kissing it." And, not that it matters, but both Pattinson and Waterhouse are dressed super casually, suggesting they're definitely comfortable and at ease around one another. "They were very loved up and close," the source added. "Robert stroked Suki's hair and gave her another loving kiss."

According to W Magazine, the public might want to go ahead and familiarize themselves with Waterhouse. The publication calls her an "actress, a model, and a budding entrepreneur" who has a handbag line called Pop & Suki she co-founded with her friend, Poppy Jamie. Apparently, she also used to date Bradly Cooper. (Where have I been? Living under a rock?)

As for Pattinson and Twigs, those two haven't been together since roughly October of 2017 when they called off their engagement and ended their three-year relationship. Around that time, E! News sighted their intense traveling schedules as the main source of tension.

Obviously, die-hard Robsten fans were holding their breath for an epic Twilight reunion with his arguably most famous old flame, Stewart. But, it's safe to say that ship has officially sailed.

I guess their imprint didn't work. (That's a Twilight reference for you, AND YES, I KNOW IT REALLY ONLY RELATES TO THE WEREWOLVES, BUT WHATEVER.)

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